We all know that losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks ever, there is actually no need to overemphasize that fact at this point. Going through exercise routines and being dedicated to the process can be quite wearisome but the truth remains that the most effective exercise are the most rigorous ones. Losing weight is not a magical process and thus a lot of people end up not achieving their aim because they can hardly stay true to the process.

There are some people however who have been able to bring themselves to the point of being resolute and disciplined enough to go through the weight loss process. Some of these people face a major challenge in that with all the exercise routines they do not observe any visible results. There are several reasons for this, let us take a look at a few below:


Stress does not seem like a cause of increase in weight, most of us believe that due to stress you lose weight. Well, stress makes the brain release a hormone called cortisol, this hormone increases a human being’s appetite and thus makes the individual eat almost uncontrollably. Tiredness from stress also makes an individual neglect exercise routines and also consume lots of sugary foods.

Weekend breaks

Most of us are guilty of this, after spending a lot of time during the week to exercise we spend the weekends unwinding. During this unwinding periods we neglect exercise and also get to eat lots of junk foods which nullifies the effects of the exercises we have undergone during the week.

Poor dedication to exercises

If you are going to carry out exercise routines for weight loss you have to be totally dedicated to the process till you achieve your aim. Most of the time we are inconsistent with the process, going on and off as we please. Doing this just means that there is no way you will lose weight, the exercises will just be an effort in futility.


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