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The medicinal attributes of garlic are as undeniable as the rising and setting of the sun. Garlic has been around for several centuries and has been used by physicians all through this period as remedy to several health issues. Garlic is highly recognized as one of the major sources of breakthrough in the world of medicine, as it has been administered as a sort of treatment to reduce several maladies that have plagued the human race for ages.

Telling a person to put a piece of garlic into the ear might sound not just ridiculous but outright crazy and unappealing. Well here is it, garlic possesses properties that can easily help you cure that infection in your ear that has caused you discomfort for a while. From buzzing in the ears to ear discharges and excessive wax, almost every kind of ear infection can be dealt with simply by putting a piece of garlic into the ear. Amazing, right? Asides the ear healing attributes, garlic possesses several other healing abilities that are beneficial to the whole body.

Quite a number of people are turned off by the seemingly offensive smell of garlic but there are several ways to consume garlic. You could eat it raw (that is if the smell does not affect you) or you could put it in a piece of bread and swallow (this way you would have escaped the smell staining your breath). But know that it is expedient that you do not do without a piece of garlic in your diet daily, it is known to have so many antibiotic abilities which are beneficial to the wellbeing of the human body.

If you are experiencing an inflammation in your ear all you need to do is take a clove of garlic and put it in the ear. By put in, I do not mean poke into the ear, I mean just let it stay around the outer ear region before you go to sleep. Leave it there and you can be sure to have a relief by morning. Asides aiding ear inflammation, garlic is also a great remedy for curing breathing problems, lowering blood pressure, reducing dizziness and regulating heart beat rate. It is simply a miracle plant.

Below is a list of the nutrients present in garlic:
– Vitamins B1, B6 and C
– Aspartic acid
– Glutamic acid
– Minerals like phosphorus, potassium and calcium
– Quercetin and Allicin
When you look at this list, you see that almost every kind of ailment can be fixed, at least at its initial stages, by garlic consumption.
Garlic, a quick way to curing your vaginal infection

Did I hear you exclaim? You do not have to, garlic is also well efficient in this area and its effects are very quickly noticed once applied. This is what you do, you could pass a thread through the clove of garlic or tie it around the clove. Before going to bed, insert this into the vagina and you can be sure that by morning, when you pull out the garlic by the thread, you will be fine. You can keep do this till the infection clears completely.


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