Protein treatment for natural hair.


You have probably heard about protein treatment for your hair. And just like most people, you are wondering what this may be all about. In protein, are contained all the important amino acids that are beneficial for growing and strengthening your hair. This is just a chunk of all there is to protein treatments for hair.
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What Is Protein Treatment?
Protein treatment is an effective solution for hair problems like split ends, dry or brittle hair.
Keratin, the natural protein in our hair, is highly prone to damage caused by exposure to the sun, wind, pollutants, and chemical treatments. Protein treatments nourish and strengthen your hair externally, just like conditioning treatments. They come in various types that are listed in the next section.
Types Of Protein Treatments

Protein Packs

Protein packs are used to treat mild hair damage. They are used for maintaining your hair daily, at least every 1 or 2 months.

Light Treatments

These treatments are beneficial for slightly damaged hair and are also known as conditioning masks. They are ideal for regular hair maintenance.

Deep Penetrating Treatments

Deep penetrating treatments are perfect for treating moderately damaged hair. They are known for their intense moisturizing properties and are recommended to be used once every two weeks.


Reconstructors are used to treat severely damaged hair and are meant to be used once every two weeks.
Proteins treatments can give your damaged hair a new lease of life. To know more about how they benefit your hair, check out the next section.
Benefits Of Protein Treatment For Natural Hair
• Protein treatment nourishes and softens your hair by removing the dead cells from your scalp and adding protein externally.
• Protein treatment directly infuses hydrolyzed proteins into your hair follicles and hardens the cuticles, thereby strengthening your strands.
• By getting rid of the dead cells on your scalp and injecting proteins, protein treatment moisturizes your hair more effectively.
• Ultimately, protein treatment makes your hair thicker, longer, and healthier.
Natural Protein Hair Treatments


Avocado contains fatty acids and proteins that repair, strengthen, and nourish damaged hair. You can prepare a protein treatment by simply mashing a couple of avocados or mixing mashed avocados with mayonnaise. You can apply this mask all over your hair and scalp to condition and nourish them.

Greek Yogurt

Dairy products, such as yogurt and sour cream, contain proteins and lactic acid that cleanse your hair. You can prepare a protein conditioner by mixing an egg and some yogurt. Leave the mixture on your hair for about 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

How To Make A Natural Protein Treatment For Natural Hair
You can prepare your own protein treatment at home by using a combination of ingredients. You can make a protein-rich hair pack using eggs, avocado, or greek yogurt and combining them with conditioning ingredients like coconut oil, honey, coconut milk, banana, cream, or mayonnaise. Warm up the mixture, apply it all over damp hair, and cover your head with a shower cap. Leave the mixture on for about 30-40 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly.
Protein treatments are essential to repair, nourish, strengthen, and volumize damaged hair. They intensely moisturize your hair to restore its health. You can prepare your own protein treatment at home, buy it from a store, or go to a salon to get it done. However, one thing you need to remember is that your hair can harden or experience breakage if you use these treatments too often or for too long. So you need to assess your hair‘s needs and plan your protein treatments accordingly.
Using the right protein-rich products could make your hair softer, more moisturized, and enhance your curls overall. Protein treatments could also be useful for color-treated and/or damaged hair.

However, long-term and excessive protein treatments or leaving the products in your hair for too long may actually be detrimental and lead to breakage. Only use protein treatments as needed for your hair.

What are you waiting for? Pamper your tresses with a protein treatment to get the hair of your dreams!


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