Pros and Cons of going natural – Before you Go Natural


The constant battle and steady comparison between naturals and relaxed hair women is no news. Even though the naturals seem to be taking the lead in this war, it will interest you to know that as much as there are a lot of Pros that come with going natural there are also quite a number of Cons.

Pro: It’s healthier to maintain your natural hair;

Perms and other chemical products no doubt reduce the longevity of our hair. Constant use of these chemical products on our hair causes it to damage and so it is healthier to maintain the hair in its natural state. Relaxed hair is more prone to damages than natural hair but this does not also rule out the possibility of damaged natural hair. They are both prone to damages depending on the care they receive.

Con: It is more expensive to maintain natural hair;

Having your natural hair means relearning your hair, constant experimenting to find what works for you, and because of this, you find yourself buying too many products costing you more money than you would if all you had to do was buy one relaxer or one hair dye and stick to it. The trial and error may sometimes damage your hair and cause you to buy even more products in trying to revive it.

Pro: Volume and length;

If you are looking to maintain a thick and more voluminous hair, being natural is definitely the way to go. Your hair in its natural state appears thicker because it has not been altered, while relaxed hair has been altered and the follicles broken down which prevents it from curling and leaving them appearing thinner. Also, your hair is healthier and stronger without the use of chemical so length retention is more in its natural state.

Con: It is absolutely time and energy consuming;

Absolutely! Without any arguments, maintaining natural hair takes a bulk of your time. Paying more attention to things like detangling, styling and the general managing of the hair can take a whole lot of time. Handling knots before and after you wash your hair alone drains you. Relaxed hair is a bit easier to manage. You need a lot of patience to thrive as a naturalista.

Pro: Versatility;

I don’t think it can be argued, that natural haired women have more styling options than relaxed haired. The only difference usually is, with shorter hair there is not much that can be done like with longer hair. However, some people find it very difficult to style especially when they are new to the natural hair system. These styles also often unravel easily especially when it rains leaving you with knotted hair.

Con: Shrinkage;

This is very common among natural hair people, one minute you have a full hair of head, step into the shower and it is an unbelievable situation of people wondering where all that hair went. There are styles like twits to stretch the hair when this shrinkage has occurred.

It is really not in anyone’s place to say if or not natural hair is better than relaxed hair, what works for one doesn’t work for another. How you wear your hair should be a personal decision.


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