How to Prevent Wrinkles using Coconut Oil – A very strong Treatment



Coconut oil is one essential item that everyone should have at home, not only can it be used to prevent wrinkles, it can also be used to cure a host of other skin disorders and hair treatment.  Coconut oil helps prevent wrinkles when applied on the skin by enhancing collagen production and replacement .  Popularly used as moisturizer for skin and hair, coconut oil is also used to reduce fine lines on the skin thereby reducing wrinkles.

Coconut oil is an antioxidant and contains vitamin E which helps enhance the skin therefore you can apply coconut oil to your face and body and ingest it as well.

Now that you have known some of the functions of coconut oil, let me quickly proceed to how to use this wonderful nature’s oil to prevent wrinkles on your face and body.

I will be showing you a morning and night routine you have to follow if you must successfully prevent wrinkles on your body or get rid of it completely.


How to get rid of wrinkles (morning routine)

Morning Routine

If you want to walk around in your nightwear before having a bath, it is advisable to wash your face once you are off the bed and pat dry with a clean towel.

Apply the coconut oil onto your face and massage it into your skin using your finger tips. When the coconut oil has covered every part of your face, you can go about doing your morning chores.

Shower Time: Just before you hop into that shower, smear a good quantity of coconut oil on your face and massage it into the skin. This will help prevent you skin from the drying effect of the warm water and at the same time, the steam from the hot water enhances the absorption of the oil into your skin. When you get out of the shower, you may not need to apply a moisturizer afterwards, because your skin will still be oily and smooth from the coconut oil.

Moisturizer: Use coconut oil as a moisturizer to help reduce fine lines and make your skin appear more soft and supple. Apply coconut oil when you get out of the shower while your skin is still damp, this will help the oil lock in the moisture making your skin look smoother and soft.

Coconut oil as a make-up remover

Night Routine

Use coconut oil as a make-up remover: Before you scrub the wipes all over your face in an attempt to remove your make-up, simply massage a sizeable amount of coconut oil into your face using a cotton ball and leave to stay on the skin for about 5 minutes. While waiting, you can go about other preparations for bedtime.

Wash: Rinse the oil off using very warm water, you can forget about soaping up. This will help remove make-up residues and excess oil leaving behind just enough oil to rock your night.

You can top it with another moisturizer, this way you will prevent adding extra fine lines or minimize existing ones.

As a night-time moisturizer: Apply coconut oil on your face and body after your night shower before going to bed. This will give the skin enough time to absorb the oil into your skin while you relax.


Extra Tips

  • Use soaps and skin products that contains coconut oil.
  • Use coconut oil topically and internally.
  • Massage coconut oil into your face regularly.
  • Always use organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil. This is because commercial brands are processed and packaged with chemicals which may cause damage to your skin.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 when you go out in the sun.
  • Use coconut oil for your salad dressings and also a replacement for your cooking.


Your Turn

Have you tried any of this method in preventing or getting rid of pimples? If yes, share your experience with us. Or do you have any other method that works wonders for you? We will be glad to hear that in the comment box below.


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