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     Hair growth remedies is what, all women (of different colors) all desire to have a thick long, and lustrous hair, from teenagers up to oldies, people love their hair and would do almost everything to achieve this impaired hair growth. This seems difficult as their so many adulterated hair care products out there (in markets and stores) as their packed with harmful chemicals that disrupts hair growth. This article would be discussing easy to do home solutions for that hair problem, but firstly we shall be talking and considering factors that are responsible for this issues, some of which are:  aging

Unhealthy diets

Weak immune system

Physical hair stress (over styling)

Hormonal imbalance

Environmental factors (seasonal changes, and excessive sunlight exposure)

And sudden loss of weight.

Hair Growth Remedies

  • Castor oil:


powerful hair growth
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Warm up the castor oil, using very little heat and apply this oil on your already clean scalp, and massage very well, after which it should be carefully wrapped in a moist warm towel, and left for twenty minutes, this oil should be used at most twice a week, for best results. This would work more efficiently, when the lemon juice is added into it (as this oil is very sticky naturally), but with the lemon juice, it makes it easy to apply on the scalp, this oil is very fast in hair growth, and it makes your hair thick, and very lustrous, said to be the best natural essential oil, for this type of treatment it boost the hair, and reduces the possibility of bald patches. Alongside it moisturizes the hair and prevents or reduces split ends.

  • Green tea:


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  Green tea, alongside the various types of teas help greatly in the growth of your hair (but because of the essential components of the green tea, we shall be talking about it). Place a bag of green tea and pour in two cups of hot water in the bowl where the tea bag is placed, and leave it to soak for seven to eight minutes, then carefully apply the warm bowl of green tea all over your scalp, and leave to sit for over an hour, before rinsing with cold water (this should applied every time your hair is washed), because the green tea contains antioxidants that prevents hair loss, and boost your hair growth naturally, and create a very efficient and admirable result.

  • Olive oil:


powerful hair growth
img olive oil

Using only extra virgin olive oil, try to heat up this oil and carefully massage it into your scalp, take a towel, and soak it in hot water wring the excess water out, then wrap your hair with this  for twenty minutes and rinse your hair as usual, try to do this once in four days. This would help in preventing loss of your hair, and stimulates the growth of new hair, as it acts as a natural conditioner, by making your hair feel soft, and silky without any form of tangling. The antioxidant present in the olive oil is a great stimulator of hair growth, and is one of the best hair growth remedies.

  • Argan oil:


powerful hair growth
img argan oil

The argan oil is seen by many as a revolutionary blessing of nature, this is because of how magically it works on thinning the hair, and improving the quality of your hair by moisturizing your follicles and enhances the growth and repairs of damaged hair, and balances out the natural production of oil by the scalp. All this is attained just by massaging the oil, from your scalp level up to the tips of your hair, and leave it to sit for an hour before washing it off. (but preferably this should be done before retiring to bed at night, as most of this oil tend to work better while the body is at rest), then rinse it off the following morning. This routine, if followed religiously twice a week, would steadily improve the silky, glossy, and soothing nature of your hair.

  • Vitamin E oil:

      Take seven to eight of the vitamin E capsules, prick and transfer the oil inside a small bowl, and use it to massage your scalp and leave it to sit overnight, wash and rinse the next morning with a very mild shampoo. This also helps to sooth your hair texture, try and apply this oil twice in a week. The vitamin E has always been a household remedy, especially for hair growth, for ages, as it is rich with antioxidants that helps in fighting and increasing the oxygen I your body, it enhances blood circulation on your scalp. Regularly massaging your hair with this oil, promotes your hair growth, reduces hair loss, and split ends, all this helps in increasing the desired soft and smooth hair texture and are good hair growth remedies.


  • Egg mask:

      The egg is generally known for its rich protein, zinc, iron, selenium, sulfur, iodine, and phosphorus content. The high level of protein in an egg, makes it the best home remedy for fast hair growth. The natural fatty nutrients present in an egg helps in moisturizing the hair follicles, and strands. Also the richness of vitamins A, E, and D creates a reduction of hair loss, and improves the texture of one’s hair, which in turn gives it a lustrous shine. How to use; take an egg, and break into a bowl, add one teaspoon of virgin olive oil, and a teaspoon of pure honey beat all this, and use the paste gotten to your scalp, and hair carefully, and leave for twenty minutes, before rinsing with a shampoo and cold water. This would rejuvenate the hair if repeated regularly, at most once a week, to enhance the length and glow of the hair.

  • Kernel oil:


img kernel oil

This oil possesses great potentials and benefits that enables hair growth as well as its glow, and it also has various valuable nutrients like; the palmistic acid, which can be found in vitamins A, E & K and antioxidants, that helps in keeping the follicles together, and preventing loss of hair. It also provides your hair with a soft hair texture, which gives it a bouncy look. This oil, has been proven to be nutritious, especially four natural curly hairs, as it is light in nature and moisturizes all types of hair.

Almost all the above mentioned remedies, have been laying in your kitchen cabinet, and if not, they can easily be gotten from convince store near you. Try them out today, and don’t forget to drop a comment for any of your unanswered hair questions, and safely enjoy this hair growth remedies.


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