Plants That Will Help You Sleep Better


These days, it has become increasingly difficult to get a good night’s rest. It is agonizing having to toss and turn in bed all night, or wake up so often you get mad only to get madder when your alarm goes off in the morning. A lot of people suffer from asthma, some insomnia, some anxiety and others different allergies. These and many more conditions contribute to the difficulty faced when it’s time to go to bed. Over 70 different sleep disorders exist and millions of people suffer from these disorders, some more chronic than usual. Most people wake up feeling exhausted, not one good sleep. This could have a negative effect on their moods, productivity, health, energy and basically everything they do. Usually, because they are desperate, many will turn to sleeping pills which unfortunately could have side effects when used repeatedly, not to mention, they could be addicting.
What a lot of people do not know however is that there’s more than one way to get better sleep. There are better, safer ways to get to snooze land and we’ll be talking about one of those ways – the use of beautiful flowers and plants. Decorating the home with flowers has been an age long practice. It is used to add aesthetic value to the home. There are other benefits however, some of which include providing vitality, relaxation and purification. These other benefits are the reason these plants are useful in boosting the quality of your sleep. It is therefore advised that you opt for having a plant in your room instead of purchasing sleeping pills all the time. It’s already an established fact that a time out with nature will reduce your stress and anxiety levels, so give it a shot, won’t you? Plus, it could also be that the poor quality of air in your room does little to help you sleep, the plants could go to work on that and have your room dripping with freshness in no time.

Plants that will cure your insomnia


Oh the scent of lavender would get anyone, and why not? It is also popularly used to reduce stress levels and induce sleep. Studies carried out on its effects on sleep confirm that it does this by slowing down heart rate, lowering stress levels and reducing blood pressure. Did you know a study found that lavender reduced the crying in babies and caused them to sleep better and deeper? It was also found to reduce stress in mother and child, so this should be well received if you’re a new mother! In women, it is found that lavender reduces REM (Rapid eye movement) and improves light sleep. It is true that there are a lot of products that are lavender scented which could help your sleeping, the idea here however, is to go with plants. So, find a lavender plant and have them placed on your nightstand instead. Sweetdreams!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to generate oxygen heavily especially at night . This means that it can improve your room’s air quality and thus have you sleeping great in no time. Infact, NASA lists the aloe vera as one of the top air-improving plants. It is easy to grow and maintain as it does not need so much watering, it belongs to the cactus family afterall (yes, those ones that grow in deserts). It needs a lot of sunlight(directly) though and so should be kept by your window. The Egyptians used to refer to it as “the plant of immortality “ because of its multiplication characteristic. It reproduces so easily you would end up with more than one plant after buying one, then you could gift some of them to friends and family for good sleep or whatever else they decide. Apart from just being static in your house, you could use its gel for dry skin, burns, cuts insect bites and others.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is another plant ideal for sleep deprived folks. Like the aloe vera, it improves the quality of air in your room and is extremely easy to maintain. At night, it lets out oxygen and at the same time takes in carbon dioxide. This is what makes it effective in the improvement of air quality and as a consequence, a good night’s sleep. The plant also filters household toxins like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, with these attributes, you’re bound to sleep better.

English Ivy

English Ivy works like a magic wand. When there are toxins in the air, it can absorb the toxins and convert them into oxygen, magic! It also is very easy to maintain and grows really fast in a short time, all it needs is a little sunlight . It has been confirmed that it can diminish airborne mold and faeces by ninety four percent in a short time. These molds affect the breathing and so having an english ivy plant around saves the day. NASA also has it as a top plant for air purification. Researches carried out confirm that the english ivy has the ability to improve asthma and allergy symptoms and thus improve the sleep quality of victims of such. People who suffer from asthma and allergies hardly get a good night’s sleep so having their condition somewhat remedied automatically improves their quality of sleep. You could simply get one of these plants and have them in a hanging basket in your room or in a ledge where its leaves could trail. Keep them away from pets and kids though, it’s not safe for them. You might want to think twice about getting it if you have a dog or a kid, but if you must, then keep it out of reach.

Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm is not a big plant but it has the ability to purify air. The bamboo palm is also known as reed palm. You could get this instead of going for those expensive air fresheners that are made with so much chemical. With it, your home will have pure, fresh air rid of all toxins and bad smells. You also will get to sleep better, plus your room will feel warmer. The plant does not need a lot of sunlight and water, just a little in direct sunlight and a little water in its soil to get it moist not flat out wet.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is another plant recommended for cleansing the air and improving your sleep. A NASA test showed that it was capable of getting rid of ninety percent of formaldehyde, a potential cancer agent. It is easy to have formaldehyde in your home from fillers, grout and especially adhesives, it is a good choice to have a spider plant around. It will also get rid of nasty odours and keep the oxygen levels in the room balanced, making your sleep better as a consequence.


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