How to have pink lips naturally at home


Have you ever seen a pink lips and desire to have that natural pink lips? If yes, desire no more because I have the answer right here and what you will need to get this pink lips.

Guess what? Its simple and it’s all natural. Anybody can do it including a child so sit tight let’s begin.

The skin around the lips tends to get darker due to some dark skin cells that stays on the lips while some dark lips which is not natural may be caused by smoving. Therefore in order to remove those dead skin cells, we have to exfoliate. I will show you two ways you can exfoliate your lips .

Number one is super simple and does not require extra time to do this. While brushing your teeth, be sure to also brush on you lips gently. This ways the dead skin cells will begin to fall off revealing a pinkish lips.

Number two – use a sugar and honey scrub.

• To prepare, mix 2 tsp of sugar with I tsp of honey and stir till well mixed. Add a few drops of Lemon juice in it and stir to mix.

• Using your index finger and your ring finger, pick up the scrub and scrub on your lips gently for about 5 minutes.

• Wash off with water

• Moisturize with vaseline

• Repeat this process at least 3 times a week.

In one week you will notice a visible difference.

Lemon has mild skin bleaching properties that will help lighten your lips.

Sugar is excellent for exfoliating the skin which will help reveal a brighter skin.


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