Permanently Remove Pubic Hair with Homemade Hair Removal Soap



Growing hairs on different parts of our bodies is one of our major characteristics as mammals, yet several people seem so uncomfortable with these hairs. Asides the fact that these hairs could make one uneasy because of itching and heat, the sometimes seem gross when exposed. One really annoying issue with these hairs is that while we need them to grow on our heads and make us look more attractive, we see them growing in several unwanted areas like over our arms and legs. Some folk even have large amounts of hair on their backs and what everyone is seeking is a way to remove these hairs, if possible permanently.
When you take a critical look at body hair, it has its own specific function and so it is really not bad. The challenge is it could become so much on the skin that it becomes ugly and uncomfortable. Several people have to spend a few minutes daily shaving off these hairs because they just cannot bear seeing them on their skins.

My question to you is, how would you like to have a remedy for your unwanted hairs? Better still, how would you like to be able to make the remedy to your unwanted hair problem? Did I see you break a smile? There is hope friend, you can fix your unwanted hair problem, and you can do that right from you home without buying any artificial or chemical products. This article wants to provide you information that will help you make a hair removal soap right there in your house.

How it is made
Firstly you should know that this soap has the ability to remove the unwanted hairs permanently and it is very easy to make. The ingredients are readily available as well. It is advised that before trying the soap on any sensitive part of your skin you should probably try it on your arms or legs first.

– Barium sulphide
– Saffron
– Glycerine soap
– Cut the glycerin soap into small bits and melt it completely using the double boiler method.
– To the melted soap you can then add some saffron.
– Add two table spoons of glycerin to this mixture.
– Add two table spoons of barium sulphide
– All the while the mixture should be on heat. Ensure you mix well to get a uniform mixture.
– Turn off the heat.
– You can transfer the mixture into soap molds and allow to cool for a couple of hours.
– Your soap is ready to use.

Using the soap
– Spray some cool water on the part of the body where there is unwanted hair.
– Apply the soap generously to that part of the body and allow to stay for a couple of minutes.
– Spray some cool water to this region again and then clean off the soap paste with a tissue paper in the opposite direction of hair growth.
– Wash the body part with water and rub in some Aloe Vera gel.
You should notice at this point that all the unwated hair is gone and your skin is looking so clean.



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