Onion Water will make your partner go crazy for you- Works Wonders

onion water


Optimal performance in the bedroom and bringing one’s partner to the place of climax is every man’s desire, several men are however not achieving this due to several reasons. This issue is one of pride and as such is one of the least talked about by male folk, as they hardly want the other man to know that they are not performing up to par in the bedroom. Most men feel they are alone in this issue and thus find it hard to seek external help so they die in silence. If you are one of such, you do not need to fret anymore, you are at the brink of your solution if only you can effectively use the recipe I will be providing in this article.
There are several drugs that you can get over the counter and these come at several prices but still are not 100% safe for use as they are bound to have side effects. Some of these side effects could be so gross that you most probably will wish you never used the drugs in the first place. The best way to handle issues like this is to turn to natural remedies.

Asides being less dangerous, they are also very cheap and readily available. The best part about natural products is that you can mix them right there in your house so you can hardly ever run out of supply.
What helps a man to stay active for long periods and thus bring his A game in the bedroom is the ability to keep optimal blood circulation, especially to the sex organ. The stiffness of the penis is a result of blood flow to that area and as you know a man cannot perform any sexual activity without being hard. This means that all you need to do is solve your problem of proper blood circulation and you can be sure to have a blissful sexual experience, both for you and your partner.

Onion water, the optimal performance formula
Onion as we know is a bulb abundant with several minerals which are instrumental in regulating blood sugar and maintaining hormonal balance. As a major source of chromium to the body, it helps in control cholesterol which in turn helps to keep the heart in shape. It is also known to help prevent cancers, reduce inflammations and treat gastric ulcers, among other remedies that it provides. Asides all these benefits, onion is recognized as one of the best aphrodisiacs of all time. It has great effects on libido increment and strengthening of sexual organs, while improving sexual stamina.

How does it work?
There are several ways you can use onions or rather consume onions to achieve your sexual improvement goals. You could eat them raw or take it as a juice. This article however will focus on how you can make it a juice. To achieve this all you need to do is cut the onion into a few pieces and blend. You can sip this mixture daily but it is advised to take slowly to avoid shocking your body system. You can be a bit creative and add some garlic or honey, this will greatly improve performance while acting as an awesome aphrodisiac.


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