Natural Ways to Get Longer Lashes


We all want longer lashes, they do have a way of making us look more attractive. Unfortunately, we all do not have that. As a result, we resort to the use of unnatural and unhealthy means like mascara which contains chemicals that are not safe. Others go as far as wearing artificial lashes – these are also not the best remedies as you have to use a glue on your sensitive skin, which can be unhealthy for the eyes. Apart from the perceived toxicity of the lash glue, the artificial lashes could fall off or could sometimes make you appear weird. We probably know people who have beautiful lashes that we admire. The truth is, some of them have deliberately taken time to groom their lashes into what they are. So, instead of wishing around that you had their kind of lashes, you should read up this article to the end and put into practice what you learn. In no time, your lashes will m flutter too. 

It is always best to do things naturally, as there are hardly any side effects. They are also a lot less expensive. We would be looking at natural ways to get longer lashes. But before that, let’s take a sneak peek into why your lashes aren’t growing: 

1. Aging

Aging affects the lashes just like it does the hair. So, when you’re aging, the lashes start thinning and probably fall off. It gets worse if we don’t give it much thought. 

2. Neglect 

Most of us give little thought to our lashes. We consider it more like an accessory than a body part and as a result subject it to conditions that are not favorable for healthy thriving. For example, curling them, smothering and plumping could damage them. 

3. You Use Lash Extensions 

Lash extensions, although they seem harmless could be outright dangerous. Strong adhesives that contain formaldehyde are used to make the extensions stick. When they are applied wrongly, they could cause your lashes to fall off. 

4. Mascara

Mascara, especially the ones that are waterproof, contain chemicals like copolyol, dimethicone, silicone. These chemicals are the reason the mascara is able to be waterproof. However, they also could make the eyes react negatively, leading to itches, redness and watering. 

Natural Ways To Get Longer Lashes 

1. Shea Butter 

Shea butter is widely known and used in Africa to boost hair texture and augment hair growth. It contains nourishing properties like Vitamins A and E. Since the lashes are a part of the hair on the body, shea butter has the same effect on it. 

You will need :
  • Organic shea butter
  • Rub a small amount of shea butter in between your fingertips so it can melt 
  • Apply the melted butter onto your lashes 
  • Leave it through the night 
  • You can wash it off when you get a bath the next day 
  • Repeat this every night for the best results. 
2. Castor Oil 

Castor oil possesses nutrients that cause hair growth. They also possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and works wonders for the lashes as it does for the hair and the brows.

You will need :
  • Castor oil 
  • Cotton wool or swab
  • Use a hexane-free, natural castor oil brand
  •  Make sure your eyes are free from makeup or dust. Wash with clean water to achieve this. 
  •  Put a cotton wool or swab into castor oil and apply onto the lashes.
  •  Leave on as long as you want.
  •  Do this at least three or four times a week.
3. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is an important and effective emollient It is believed to make lashes strong, keep from breaking and enhance growth . Tried and tested, the emollient makes for a protective covering, keeping the lashes from being exposed to harm. With this, it helps the lashes reach its complete length without falling off.

You will need :

1. Petroleum jelly
2. A cotton pad

Guidelines :

1. Simply apply the jelly with your hands (they should have been washed) or a cotton pad.
2. Leave overnight
3. Repeat this technique every night before bed

4. Massage The Eyelids

People sometimes massage the hair to increase blood flow and cause circulation toes occur more freely. Same goes for the lashes. Massaging the eyelids aids free flow of blood round the eyes, causing the lashes to grow because nutrients easily flow through . Simply use your fingers (it should be washed and dried) to massage the eye lids around the lashes gently with coconut oil (the coconut oil is not compulsory however). Do this a few times a week as it would help more than you think.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is already popularly known for its many benefits. From skin care benefits to hair care benefits to health benefits, it is widely known and revered. The oil possesses antibacterial properties that helps protect the lashes and it also enhances thickness. Simply apply the oil to the lashes before bed and leave overnight( you must’ve cleaned off all your make up). Apply the oil carefully to avoid getting into the eyes and causing problems. Repeat the treatment thrice a week for maximum nourishment and lubrication. 

6. Green Tea 

Green tea contains antioxidants that support long and thick lash growth. It also gives the soothing feeling. A study carried out to check the effect of green tea on the hair found that the rodents who took the green tea for about six months had their bald pitches fixed. The hair could also be softening.

You will need :

  • Green tea leaves 
  • A cup of hot water 
  • Put the green leaves into the cup of hot water. 
  • Apply the bags to your eyelids once the water gets cooled. 
  • Leave it through the night and keep the others refrigerated. 
  • Do these twice a week at least 

It is however not enough to just apply stuff on the lashes and expect it to turn around overnight. Certain other habits should be put in consideration that would either support or disrupt what you are already up to. They include :

  • Make sure your make up is washed off when the day comes to an end. Yes, including the eye make up. 
  • Trim your lashes often. At least once in two months is good enough. Trimming it stimulates the lash follicles increasing growth. 
  • Eat healthy – fruit, vegetables and protein – rich sources are your best bet. 
  • Exercise often. 
  • Comb or brush lashes regularly. 

These are very easy and trustworthy ways to get your lashes looking like a goddess’. They are also harmless . Your lashes will look like never before if you stay with these simple steps and techniques.

Let us know how yours goes! 


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