Natural Ways To Get Brighter and Whiter Eyes


Let’s start with a scenario : Make up on fleek, hair on fleek, dress and shoes on fleek and then eyes bloodshot. Oops, her looks are automatically faulted right? You see, they say the eyes are the door way to the soul and that’s no lie. The eyes can also make or mar your appearance.
You could look good all you want, but with eyes any other colour that isn’t white, your look remains incomplete. Brighter eyes make you look more alive and younger.
Your eyes sometimes turn red and yellow for several reasons that could include health problems. This is why you should not overlook your eyes. Apart from your looks, your eye sight is highly important. If you have noticed a lingering redness or yellowing of your eyes, you should first see a doctor as soon as you can, I mean, it’s your eyes we’re talking about. You cannot afford to stall the attention. If it turns out to be unserious, then you could apply any of the natural remedies suggested here.
First, let’s find out the causes of red eyes.

Causes Of Red Eyes

The eye usually becomes bloodshot for a lot of reasons. The white part is known as the sclera, the part that appears red. This usually occurs as a result of the dilation(swelling) of the blood vessels that are located between the conjuctiva and the sclera. The blood vessels are usually not visible or at least should not be. They however could get swollen for a lot of reasons. This could indictate the health of a person. Below are some of the reasons the eyes could become red:
a. Fatigue
b. Sleep deprivation
c. Staring at a device for too long
d. Dehydration
e. Excessive intake of alcohol and smoking
f. Nutritional deficiency
g. Liver problems
h. The presence of allergens or toxins in the body
i. Wearing the contact lens for too long
j. Air pollution
k. Exposure of the eyes to chemicals
l. Excessive exposure to sunlight
m. Eye infections or diseases like conjuctivitis, glaucoma, corneal ulcer, uveitis etc
n. Eye injuries or a eye surgery

Natural Ways To Get Brighter Eyes

1. Exercising the eyes

We’ve been taught the importance of exercising and this is no different for the eyes. The eyes should be exercised to improve blood flow and relax them. Here’s an example of an eye exercise you could put to test : Shut your eyes tightly and open them wide and quickly. Keep doing that till your eyes start watering. It will help keep your eyes bright. You could also try moving a pencil vertically and horizontally while watching the tip closely. Do both for 10 minutes everyday. Also, rub your palms together fast till they’re warm, then place them over your eyelids for a minute or two. There are lots of eye exercises you could try. Google them up, search on youtube or find a book on it.

2. Tea Bags

Tea bags are a bundle of bioflavonoid antioxidants. As a result, they help relax and brightening the eyes and the skin surrounding the eyes. You could use either green tea or black tea bags, they would produce same results. They could also help reduce swelling around the eyes and gets rid of bacteria.


a. Boil a cup of water and place in a mug
b. Soak two tea bags of your choice in the hot water and leave for five minutes.
c. Take it out of the mug and leave for a while in the refrigerator.
d. When the teabags are chilled enough, take them out of the refrigerator and place them on your eyelids. You could choose to rub a little amount of olive oil on your lids before placing the chilled tea bags.
e. Leave the tea bags on the eyelids for about five minutes
f. Continue this technique as often as possible.

3. Carrots

Carrots have been known to be good for the vision for the longest of times. They contain essential Vitamins such as vitamin A & C. Eating carrots can help brighten your eyes and prevent debris accumulation that could come from air pollution. You could opt for juicing the carrots and rubbing them on your eyelids instead. Simply get some carrots, have them washed and the ends chopped off. Use a juicer afterwards to have them juiced and then apply onto your eyelids. You could leave the juice on your eyelids overnight after massage them. Make sure the juice does not get into your eyes though.

4. Cucumber

Slices of cucumber could surprisingly also work some magic and brighten the eyes. They also could help lighten dark under eye circles and reduce puffiness of the eyes. All you have to do is make sure it’s refrigerated.


a. Get a cucumber and cut them in slices. Don’t make the slices so thin.
b. Refrigerate the cucumber slices for about 20 minutes.
c. They should be chilled after twenty minutes. Get them out and place over your eyes till the slices become warm.
d. Rinse your eyes afterwards
e. If you’re committed enough to this process, in very little time, you’ll notice positive changes.

5. Potato Slices

It is common knowledge that slices of potato could be used to treat dark under eye circles and puffiness as it possesses skin brightening properties. The goodnews is that it could also be used to clear the eyes and make them whiter. Potato contains Vitamin C and potassium which are responsible for maintaining the body fluid balance, thereby giving the eyes a brighter look.


a. Cut a potato into not-so-thin slices.
b. Place them for 15-20 minutes in a refrigerator and allow to get chilled.
c. Take them out and place them over your eyelids for a while before taking off.
d. Rinse off the eyes afterwards and repeat the process often.

6. Strawberries 

I know the only thing that comes to your mind when you think of strawberry is your taste buds, they tickle a bit of course. But for one minute, take your  mind off your taste buds and fix them on your eyes. Strawberries are sweet, and what’s sweeter is its ability to also give brighter, whiter and healthier eyes. They also help handle puffiness and tiredness of the eyes.


a. It’s same as the others. Slice up the berries and have them refrigerated.
b. Leave for fifteen to twenty minutes in the refrigerator.
c. Afterwards, take them out and place on your eyelids for about fifteen to thirty minutes.
d. You can rinse off after that and repeat the next day.

Placing chilled stuff over your eyes for a long time doesn’t have to be boring. You could spice it up a bit. For example, find a comfortable place in your house, preferably a dark room. Play some of your favourite music and have your favourite drink by your side. See? Sounds so much better right? Of course!


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