Natural ways to de-stress – Highly Effective Ways


Nobody really gets to escape stress. Even though we do so on varying levels, the big truth is we still do experience some level of stress. It could be simply minor issues all the way up to huge challenges. When stress becomes unmanages, it could become harmful to the health.

That’s why stress relievers are an important part of rejuvenation and restoration of the physical health. We’ll start by saying “Chill man!”. You need the rest and no, it in no way means you sacrifice the loads of responsibilities you have on your hands. You could do all that and still find time to unwind. You do not need to stop working for a whole week or even visit a spa (even though you should if you can afford it). Did you know stress is a leading cause of the chronic health complications most people experience today? Some of the symptoms you could experience as a result of stress include: a weak immunity, hair loss, a low libido (a nightmare for your partner). The benefits of learning to manage and relieve stress on the health are tremendous. Improved heart health and a reduced pain are part of the numerous benefits stress management offers.

For this reason, we have decided to compile a few simple ways to help you relieve stress and get a clearer head to work better. You’ll find that you’re a thousand times more productive not working from a stressed mind. We want this for you as terribly as you do. So here goes;

Ways to Relieve Stress Meditation

Getting yourself to meditate for just a few minutes every day could make a difference in your anxiety levels. In fact, according to research, the neural pathways of the brain are altered when you meditate daily. This increases the brain’s ability to handle stress. How to meditate? Well, that’s pretty easy. All you have to do is sit on the floor and close your eyes. Make sure you’re sitting up straight. Begin reciting a positive mantra- it could be “I’m happy” or maybe “I love myself”- whatever mantra works for you is good enough, just be sure to focus completely on your recitation. While you do that, place one hand (preferably your right) on your belly so that your recitation is in sync with your breaths. Try to let go of all the distracting thoughts and just feel the peace. You do not have to do this for long, fifteen minutes should be enough.

Simply Shut down

The internet is good, helpful. Unfortunately, it has also become a curse to the man who has no idea when to stop. Averagely, a person spends close to fifteen hours a day consuming social media content. Researchers have found smartphones to be a stress booster. Another report showed that there was a declining rate of happiness the more people used social media. So you see, simply shitting down your PC or smartphone could go a long way in relieving more than half of your stress.

The thought of staying off social media probably just induced stress in you. Fear not. We’re not saying you should completely go off social media, we’re simply saying you should limit how much time you spend on social media. You could achieve this by monitoring how much time you spend scrolling and scrolling. Try getting a diary, then write down what media you’re using, how often you use it and how much time you spend on it. Think of it as a diet, same way you would monitor your diet to set what is most healthy for you. Call it a “media detox”. Try a smartphone-free weekend, stay away from social media for a day to read a book or spend time with a loved one, ditch the TV for one evening. Stuff like this will help your mind and body get the needed rest.

Try to Get Better Sleep

According to a recent poll, about 70% of people who said they felt stressed also had trouble sleeping. Poor sleep is unhealthy and could cause your immunity to become weakened and also lead to depression and anxiety. To get better sleep, check out the following tips and try to practice them: • Do not take coffee after morning hours. This is because coffee stays in the system for a long time and could disrupt your beauty sleep. • Few hours before bed, stay away from blue light devices as they could trigger wakefulness, making it difficult to fall asleep. This would mean no Facebook, Instagram, twitter or even TV when you lay on your bed.


Sex is a wonderful stress reliever, especially when done within a healthy relationship. It is able to do this because within the activity are lots of stress relief ingredients like touch, breath and a connection with someone else. These ingredients stimulate the production of endorphins and other chemicals that are beneficial to relieving stress. Apart from how effective it is at relieving stress, let’s not forget how pleasurable it is. It could as well be the best stress reliever.


Without any doubt, half the population already eases their stress with music. Apart from how fun or soothing it can be (well…depending on the song), it actually alters your physiology such that stress is eased. As a matter of fact, there are formal therapies that make use of music to treat stress and stress-related problems. You could even have more fun playing some good music while dancing or cleaning the house. This way your environment is more soothing, you are eased by the music and the physical activity has its benefits too.

Take a Walk

Exercise is another effective stress reliever that stimulates the production of endorphins. You get to enjoy beautiful sceneries that would help ease your mind. Apart from easing stress, it could be a good way to nurture your relationships. You get to bond better with your spouse, your son or daughter, friend, sibling and whatnot.

Grow a Garden

This is especially great for you if you’re already advancing in age. It helps you enjoy the fresh air, the feel of the soil and the scenery.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

We’ve already established that caffeine consumption later in the day could affect your quality of sleep. Generally, excessive consumption of caffeine can cause you to become much more emotionally reactive to stress.

Consume Alcohol in Moderation

It’s alright to have a little alcohol once in a while. However, it is important that you drink in moderation. A glass of red wine at the end of the day helps you relax. It is unhealthy to have so much to drink. We understand you just want to forget about your challenges for a while, but it’s better to go to sleep than to take so much alcohol. Using alcohol to forget your problems is a momentary solution that will eventually bring a host of permanent problems (pun not intended).


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