Pill-free Ways To Get a Good Sleep


As crucial as sleep is to the body, more than half the population of the world hardly gets proper sleep every night. Some are too busy to, while others constantly turn and toss in bed hours after they’re ready to sleep. Sadly, for these ones, the sleep never comes, or comes but unfortunately does so in minute quantities that are never enough.Not getting enough sleep can have drastic effects on the body including the skin. It is therefore important to take sleeping seriously. Some people who are inflicted by sleeplessness against their own will use pills to help them fall asleep. Others however seek natural ways to do this without having to drown in pills. It is always much safer to go natural, that’s why we have written you this article. Let’s just say you’re in luck! 

We’ll go through a few adverse effects of not getting enough sleep first before moving on to natural ways to improve your sleeping. Some of the adverse effects of not getting good sleep includes:

1. Poor Skin

The glow on your skin could get lost in the midst of your sleep problems. This includes skin dryness, poor or dull complexion ands lots of skin inflammations likes acne, blackheads and a host of others. 

2. Weakens The Immune System 

The immune system can become weakened as a result of poor sleep habits. The direct consequence of this  is the inability of the body to properly combat infections and stay healthy. The body could come down with ailments that could have been ordinarily prevented. 

3. Affects Memory and Alertness

You also could become almost unable to process information quickly. This reduces your alertness and activeness and will likely cause you to be sluggish throughout the day. You also may get forgetful and fail to remember important stuff. This can happen even if you were an hour short of sleep. 

4. Affects Relationships, Social Life Generally 

Because you would be too tired to do a lot of things or not be in a good mood, it is easy to snap at a friend or coworker during conversations or group activities. If this occurs often, your relationships may begin to deteriorate. You also would be unable to carry out normal activities like exercising or hanging out with friends and family . 

You don’t have to swallow enormous amounts of pills to fall asleep. The following natural ways should help :


What you eat and when you eat could be the difference between turning and tossing in bed all night and snoring peacefully with a smile on your face. The right food eaten at all the right times could have you dozing soundly. Be sure to eat about 2 hours before bed. Also, eating whole grains and walnuts, or any other foods high in Vitamin B in the day could improve the quality of sleep you eventually get at night. Avoid junk foods high in sugar or fat,like chocolates or chips before bed. Instead, go for a fruit like a banana or maybe an egg – they contain tryptophan, which improves sleep. Stay away from alcoholic drinks or beverages that contain caffeine hours before sleep time. Contrary to popular opinion, alcohol does not help you sleep better. It may help you fall alseep easily, but sleep will usually be restless. 


Exercise is almost like a miracle worker for your sleep problems. It could entail anything from practicing yoga to taking consistent walks alone or with a loved one to jogging with friends. Yoga helps relax and relieve your body and your mind as well. Walking and jogging improves your heart beat. These are all effective for improving the quality of sleep you get as your muscles will become at ease and will naturally require the rest from all that activity. Don’t carry out any exercises right before bed though as it could do the opposite of helping you sleep. Instead, you could stretch in bed till you fall asleep . 

Stay Away From Blue Lights 

It is wrong to use devices that give off blue lights an hour before bed as the light arouses even more brain activity, making it  difficult to simply wind down and fall asleep. This means gadgets like video games, computers, phones should be put away one hour before bedtime, that way you fall asleep more quickly and sleep uninterrupted. 

Try To Relax Right Before Bed 

Relaxations could mean different things to different people, but ultimately, the idea is to get your mind and body to be at peace to help you fall asleep. For some people ,reading a book works, for others, it could be music, deep breathing or even writing in your favourite journal . You could also get a good warm bath, organize tomorrow’s schedule, meditate, snack or practice simple yoga. 

Develop a Consistent Sleep Routine and Stick To It 

Developing a sleep routine that works for you and sticking to it no matter what will help you get better sleep. You should learn to see sleepiness as an important part of your day’s schedule and work at keeping it consistent, your body will thank you for it. Sometimes, you might be tempted to disrupt it by sleeping in on weekends, or staying up long after you’re supposed to be sleeping – do not pay attention to the tiny voice in your head telling you it’s okay to do it, that’s the poor sleep demon luring you. Disrupting your sleep routine makes you develop sleep problems. Try to go to bed and wake up same time every day, including on weekends, christmas or new year’s eve. 

Develop a Proper Sleep Environment 

The environment you sleep in from the temperature to the light to the decorations go a long way in affecting your sleep. Make sure the temperature of the room is not too high , keep it temperate – you don’t want to keep tossing in bed because the room would be too hot. Also make sure it is not too cold for you as your sleep could be interrupted at night . Also keep the light off, as light keeps the brain alert making it harder to fall asleep. A proper sleep environment also means a quiet one, so try to keep the noise away, except for the soft music you might want to play to fall asleep. Your bed should not be associated with work, make sure you keep work away from the bed so that once you’re lying down, your mind knows it’s time to relax. 


You should take getting a good sleep as serious as you take work. It’s beautiful to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Adjustments can always be made on your habits if you don’t  feel that way though. 

PS:  If within fifteen to twenty minutes you are unable to fall asleep, it is advised that you get up and do something till you’re tired enough to fall asleep  









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