skin tags

Most of us are familiar with skin tags, even though we do not really know them with that name. I am sure after describing them you should have an idea of what I am talking about. Basically, skin tags are little growths in form of skin flaps that are noticeable around the eyes, under arms, groin, breasts and neck. The reason for the occurrence of skin tags have really not been explained scientifically but we can state with a bit of affirmation that they are caused by skin irritation, genetics, friction, obesity, among other factors.

These growths are known to have no medical effect on an individual however they can be quite annoying and as such several people who have them would really love to lose them very fast. There are several ways of losing these skin tags, you could visit your doctor for a cosmetic surgical procedure, cut them off, freeze them off or just burn them off. Note that all these procedures have to be carried out by a professional to avoid causing more harm than good. There are however some other forms of remedy which are quite safer, less expensive and easier to administer, best of all you can handle them by yourself. These are natural remedies that can be administered from home. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Vitamin E oil. We all know that vitamin E oil possesses highly potent antioxidant properties and these are beneficial to cure several skin conditions. To use vitamin E oils to clear skin tags you just need to find a pure, high quality oil which is made for skincare, not the oral tabs. Apply generously to the affected area and cover with a bandage, remove the bandage and clean the surface after a day. Repeat this process daily till the skin tag disappears.

2. Using tea tree oil. This oil has been used for centuries to cure several kinds of diseases, in some parts of Asia, it is believed that tea tree oil has the potency to cure any ailment. Tea tree oil is highly regarded because of its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is known to be specifically potent at curing skin conditions and skin tags just happens to fall in this category. To cure skin tags simply soak a Q-tip in the oil and place it over the affected area, you should leave this in place for about 10 minutes, and carry out the process thrice a day.

3. Using garlic. Most people do not really like this plant because of the somewhat offensive smell. It is however recognized the world over for its medicinal properties and has been used to cure several skin ailments for many years. All you need to do is crush or grind one clove of garlic and soak in its juice with a cotton ball. Place this ball over the affected area and cover with a bandage. It is best applied at night and you should remove the bandage once you wake up. Wash thoroughly to dispel the pungent garlic smell.

Asides these, there are several other ways of clearing skin tags, now that you know this, you do not have to go around with the tags anymore.


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