One of the issues that women face in our present day is cellulite and it seems that we have not really gotten efficient ways to eradicate it. I base this speculation on the fact there are several women tabloids, magazines and journals which carry write-ups about cellulite and possible remedies, asides these there are several searches made online about the topic daily. In simple terms, cellulite is deposits of fat below the outer skin. This is characterized by lumpy, dimpled flesh noticed around the thighs, stomach, buttocks and hips. Sources tend to come to the conclusion that the observed dimpled appearance of the condition is a result of the imbalance in the connective tissue and fat present in the person’s body. Several theories also surround imbalance and its possible causes, some of the most prominent being genetics, diet, lifestyle and hormone secretion. Statistics have shown that fat women have more probability to suffer from cellulite than others, even though this does not totally exempt the slimmer women.

Now that we understand what cellulite is and its possible causes, the next question is how do we treat it? There are several ways of treating cellulite which include use of retinol creams, laser and radio frequency treatments, etc. Like I always say, natural treatments are easier to administer, cheaper to fund and readily available most of the time. Below are a few natural remedies to cellulite:

1. The use of dry brushing. This method has not been scientifically proven but records show that it has several medical benefits which are particularly suited to curing cellulite. The process feels great and helps to stimulate lymph and blood flow throughout the body. You can indulge in this act once or twice daily and it just involves using a dry brush to make long sweeps toward the heart beginning from your feet upwards. The process should not be too hard such that the skin would be hurt, it is just meant to stimulate the skin. The process also helps to promote tighter skin, cell renewal and improve blood flow. The brush should not be synthetic and the brushing should not be in a circular motion.
2. Moisturize the skin naturally. There are several lotions and moisturizers on the market but most of these are chemical based and so end up adding toxins to the skin. Make use of natural oils like coconut oil on the skin more frequently. These will help improve the skin texture, complexion and tone.
3. Balancing hormones. It is a proven fact that hormonal imbalance is a major reason why cellulite occurs. This is why it is more noticed in men than women, I am sure you can relate to that. Work hard to ensure balance is restored, engage in exercises, eat the right food and take the necessary rest.
4. Using coffee scrubs. We all know that coffee is packed with caffeine which is beneficial for the tightening of the skin among other things. Coffee also helps to exfoliate the skin and improve blood flow. To make this you need a quarter of coffee grounds, two table spoons of coconut oil and three table spoons of sugar. Mix all of these in a jar and use to massage the skin for a few minutes. Wash off when done, it can be used up to thrice a week.


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