Natural Tips For Whiter Teeth

Healthy teeth

We all want whiter teeth, and why not? It is a key to confidence. Whenever a person talks, his audience will usually stare at his face and mouth. This is done subconsciously as your facial expression and your mouth’s movement goes a long way in communicating your ideas. The audience will predictably look away from a person with dirty or coloured teeth for good reasons, including to not embarrass the fellow.
There are people who always have coloured teeth regardless of the number of times they brush their teeth (yikes!). This is usually because of certain habits that they have refused to let go of. Some of these habits include : smoking, drinking coffee, taking lots of sugary substances.

Why Does The Teeth Get Yellowed?

A lot of factors can cause the teeth to lose their shine and begin to yellow. Some of these reasons include:

  •  The accumulation of plaque
  •  Enamel thinning due to aging
  •  Taking lots of tea or coffee
  •  Cigarette smoking
  •  Dry mouth (the presence of saliva protects the enamel)
  •  Consumption of processed foods that are highly acidic ( soft drinks, sweets) , sometimes fruits could cause yellowing due to their acidic content. The acid causes the enamel to erode ,exposing the dentin which is yellow .
  •  Excessive use of antibiotics.
  •  Inherited traits
  •  Excessive use of fluoride

Getting yourself a whiter teeth using natural procedures will cause little or no pain. If you however encounter any, the approvals and admiration you will receive far outweighs any slight discomfort you might encounter.
Below are a few natural and easy techniques you can employ to get (bold)whiter teeth.

1. Oil Pull With Coconut Oil

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, here comes a crazy person telling you about the use of coconut oil for whitening teeth. Hard to believe right? Oil pulling has existed since forever. The Indians used to oil pull with different kinds of oil but mostly with sesame or sunflower oil. Oil pulling is done by simply swishing an oil of your choice in your mouth. It is used to remove bacteria in the mouth and enhance oral hygiene. Coconut oil is mostly used because of its taste and essential ingredients. One of such essential ingredients is the lauric acid which is known for its anti-bacterial properties .Studies have shown that regularly oil pulling is effective in decreasing plaques and the population of bacteria in the mouth while reducing the risk of gingivitis . Oil pull with coconut oil by taking the oil thoroughly through your mouth, pulling and pushing for about fifteen minutes. You could also apply it to your toothbrush and use or apply onto a clean cloth and rub against the teeth.

2. Try Brushing With Baking Soda

We all know baking soda or we make use of it in the kitchen. What we do not know however, is that our dear baking soda possesses a whitening characteristic. This explains why it is used for clothes and toothpastes . In addition , the environment baking soda creates prevents the thriving of bacteria as the environment is alkaline in nature. Studies have shown that toothpastes with baking soda in them are more effective in whitening teeth than the regular or even standard toothpastes. Several other studies proved that apart from baking soda’s whitening effect, it can take care of plaques better than the regular toothpastes. You can use baking soda by adding a little water to the powder, to form a paste. Use the paste to brush your teeth several times a week for the best result

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar  is known for its anti-bacterial properties . It is for this reason that you will find it in disinfectants and other general cleaning products. The ingredient that gives the substance its anti-bacterial characteristic is acetic acid, which kills bacteria . This characteristic is what makes it an excellent teeth whitening substance and mouth cleanser. A study was carried out with cow teeth and it was found that apple cider vinegar does have teeth whitening properties even though it might make the teeth soft. It is not advisable however, to use this everyday as its acidic content could cause erosion to the enamel of the teeth. To put to use, dilute the vinegar with water and hold it in the mouth while swishing for a few mnutes. Be sure to rinse the mouth afterwards with just water.

4. Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is another miracle worker that you can try out. The fear of teeth blackening is logical, but activated charcoal is usually used in cases of food poisoning to pull toxins to itself . It therefore has this same effect on the teeth as it absorbs plaques and other substances that stain the teeth. Activated charcoal also changes the PH of the mouth and makes it impossible for bacteria to thrive. It also improves the health of the mouth, preventing cavities , tooth decay and gingivitis. To use , apply a bit of the charcoal to your wet toothbrush , then go ahead and brush your teeth with it. Rinse your mouth with water thoroughly afterwards until there are no traces of charcoal. Do this for about three times a week to get the best results but avoid this practice if you have caps or crowns.

While all of these work, do not forget that brushing the teeth regularly is the surest bet for healthy teeth. Brushing the teeth regularly keeps the teeth white and healthy and avoids plaque build-up . Other habits to take note of to keep your teeth white and healthy include:

  1.  Cutting down on food and beverages that could potentially stain the teeth
  2.  Reducing your intake of sugar
  3.  Taking more calcium-rich food like cheese and milk

Dentists also offer medically enhanced methods of whitening the teeth. These methods involve teeth bleaching which can be very effective for extreme cases of teeth discolouration . It however is not at all cost effective and so is absolutely not necessary except in extreme cases where your teeth colouration begins to cause low self esteem issues. In the meantime, you can make use of the above self help techniques.


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