Natural Remedies For Excessive Sweating


You never know how embarrassing heavy sweating is until you’ve been there. Heavy sweating is medically known as hyperhidrosis. People who have this problem usually hide under certain clothes, especially huge sweaters. They sometimes will also avoid environments with high temperatures. Some folks mask this condition with antiperspirants. There are also pills, surgery and botox as remedies for excessive sweating, but these all come with extreme side effects. Unfortunately, even antiperspirants contain toxins which could be harmful in the long run. Knowing this, especially if you’re concerned about your health will spur you to find more natural means to fix your problem. I mean, you want to be healthy but of course you don’t also want to repel everyone with those ugly sights that sometimes turn into ugly smells. That’s why you’ve come here now.
In truth, different conditions could be treated differently as no two cases are the same. Some may have a few of the symptoms and some could have others. Still some could have all of them. This would mean that one solution might not work for everybody. It is advised then that you try a couple of methods till you find one that works well for you. Often, you would need a combination of treatments. Patience is required if you’re to find one natural treatment that meets your needs.
Before we get right on with the natural remedies for excessive sweating, let’s see a few symptoms of hyperhidrosis :
• Maceration of the skin
• Drenched clothes from sweating
• Foot odour
• Wet palms and soles
• Change in colour of the affected area
• Cracked and scaly skin

Before Using a Natural Remedy

If you’re interested in opting for natural remedies, then you should consider the following tips first

• Speak with a doctor first about your heavy sweating. Listen to what they say about it.
• Consider the treatments suggested here and consult your physician about it. If there are any other remedies you have in mind, speak with him/her about it too.
• Consider any potential side effects and contraindications your doctor might bring up.
• If you are taking any herbal supplements, vitamins and medicines, let your physician know as they could potentially interact with any other treatments administered, this isn’t usually the most pleasant events. It could go from uncomfortable all the way to outrightly dangerous, you don’t want to go through that.

Natural Remedies For Excessive Sweating

1. Coconut Oil

This natural oil is one that possess very versatile uses. Its benefits range from internal to external, from the health to skin care to hair care and everything in between. If you’re going to use it for your heavy sweating issues, then all you need to do is simply massage all over your body or on areas you’re more likely to sweat the most. These areas could be your feet, groin area or under arms. You don’t have to worry about a stain on your clothes if you apply in small amounts. You also get to smell good with the oil. A good idea would be combining camphor with coconut oil and mix well until you have a paste. You would need to crush some camphor (up to half a cup) and mix in one cup of coconut oil. Apply the paste onto the areas more likely to get sweaty, make sure they’re well massaged in. Then let it sit for about sixty minutes before rinsing off. Camphor is not the only ingredient you can use with coconut oil however, there’s baking soda.
Here’s what You’ll need
• Three teaspoons of baking soda
• Three teaspoons of coconut oil (organic)
• Two teaspoons of arrowroot powder
• Two teaspoons of shea butter
• Three drops of lavender essential oil

• Start by melting the coconut oil and the shea butter. Use a double boiler to do this if you have one, to make things easier for you. If not, then melt the shea butter and coconut oil in a saucepan containing some water. No, don’t put them in the water, put them in a glass jar that has a lid. Let them stay in the saucepan till they’re melted thoroughly.
• When both ingredients are melted thoroughly, take out of the saucepan and add the arrowroot powder and baking soda into the melted substance. Mix them all thoroughly.
• Next, add the lavender essential oil and continue to mix.
• Allow the mixture to cool and then pou into a deodorant stick that is empty, this way you could apply easily.
• Refrigerate the mixture so that it stays hard.

2. Apple Cider Vinegrar

Apple cider vinegar is another natural remedy that’s been used for decades providing countless health benefits. Examples of some of these benefits include heart burn relief, toxin flush, acid reflux, weight loss and regulation of blood sugar. It also possesses the ability to get rid of bacteria and close pores up. It also reduces profuse sweating when drunk or applied to the affected area before bed every night. You could have it mixed with vinegar in the ratio of 1:2 teaspoons. For the best results, taking them thrice a day, morning, afternoon and night is ideal, all before every meal. In only a few days, you should start seeing the results.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another versatile natural remedy that has been used over the years for a series of problems. It is known to offer a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Aloe Vera has also been found to address the excessive sweating problem most likely as a result of its cooling effect. It is also able to handle skin problems like black spots, wrinkles, suburbs and rosacea. To use, take some aloe vera juice in a clean cloth and apply onto affected area. You could also dilute the aloe vera gel in water and apply with your fingers or with a clean cloth.

4. Lemon

What makes lemon a perfect natural remedy for excessive sweating is its acidic content. It’s so easy to use and is one of the most effective methods of treatment. All you have to do is cut a lemon in half, keep one part and rub the other on your underarms. Be sure to squeeze lightly to have a little liquid make contact with your skin. You could also extract its juice using a juice extractor and mix some with baking soda. Use a cotton pad for the application of the mixture onto the affected area and then leave for thirty minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

5. Potato

Potato is a food rich in potassium. As a result of its high potassium content, it is able to reverse the water retaining action caused by excessive consumption of sodium. It does this by pushing out the water from the body. It is as a result of this ability that it is able to absorb excess water and reduce excessive sweating. To use, slice a part of the potato and rub across your underarms for a few minutes. Do this for a few days and you will begin to notice the results.


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