Natural Remedies For Bad Breath


I think one of the greatest societal menaces is bad breath – no one should have that. Apart from the discomfort it brings to the individuals around the victim, it can affect a person’s confidence and go as far as affecting relationships. It is difficult to be around a person who suffers from this, in all sincerity.

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis. Were you recently told you had bad breath? I believe that’s a good thing because it means you’re able to work on it. Imagine the thousands of people who have this problem but have no idea.

You could  have this problem and not even know it. It is advised that you seek the honest opinion of a trusted friend or family.   If you do have bad breath, then you’re more than welcome to continue reading and learn a few natural ways to deal with the problem without having to spend so much.

Before diving right in, let’s find out what causes bad breath.

Causes of Bad Breath

  • The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. When you eat, bits of food will naturally get stuck in between your teeth.The ever-present bacteria in the mouth grow on these bits and release a foul smell as a result of the presence of sulphur. So without proper brushing or flossing, the bacteria continues to grow and build up into what is known as plaque. This could eventually lead to tooth decay.
  • Some foods could produce a foul smell when eaten.Examples include garlic and onions. When these kinds of foods are digested ,they release a foul smell into your bloodstream which gets to the lungs and affects the breath.
  • Sometimes, it could be as a result of other health problems like lactose intolerance, diabetes, ulcer,sore throat, sinusitis , heart burn, intestinal infection,stomach reflux or even malnutrition.
  • Dry mouth
  • Drugs
  • Changing diets,especially if you’re going on a keto diet.

Natural Remedies For Bad breath 

1. Good oral hygiene

The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. As mentioned before, when foods are stuck between the teeth,bacteria feed on the particles and give off a foul smell. Brushing and flossing takes care of this problem and prevents plaques. The topside of the tongue is also a place in the mouth that could result in bad breath by reason of the presence of bacteria. The white coating seen on the tongue is debris together with a bacteria accumulation. It should be scraped off with a tooth brush or a tongue scraper every day, once at least.

You will most likely notice that your spittle is yellow or brown while brushing or scraping your tongue, rinse off and scrape till your saliva is clear. Don’t forget to replace your tooth brush at least once in three months

2. Keep the Mouth Hydrated

Studies show that dryness of the mouth leads to bad breath. Saliva is responsible for keeping the mouth clean and keeping bacteria at bay. So when the mouth is dry, bacteria tend to thrive. This explains why the breath is usually bad in the morning. To encourage a healthy production of saliva in the mouth, drink enough water. The recommended amount is eight glasses a day.

Sometimes, dry mouth could also be from constantly breathing with the mouth,especially at night. If you do this at night, then maybe you should opt for a chin strap. Drugs could also cause dry mouth. This explains the bad breath that comes with being sick and on medication. Smoking also dries out the mouth and produces a foul odour. So to keep your mouth hydrated, quit smoking,avoid diuretics like coffee and alcohol,chew gum sometimes and drink a lot of water. 

3. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has been known to have a whole lot of benefits. It possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that deal with oral problems. Studies even show that it is as effective in reducing plaque as chlorhexidine mouthwash. It also improves the mouth’s healing ability by boosting collagen creation. To prepare your very own mouth wash from aloe vera, simply add its gel to boiled water after it is cooled.

4. Try probiotics   

Probiotics are healthy bacteria usually found in some foods . Yogurt is an example of a food that contains a healthy bacteria known as lactobacillus. Eating more foods with healthy bacteria combats the negative bacteria in the mouth and especially in the gut thereby reducing bad breath. Eat the yogurt at least once a day(non-fat), swishing it around the mouth to put it to work.

5. Apples
Eating raw foods that are crunchy help to clean the teeth and fight against an odour. Apple, for example, has a powerful ability to ward off garlic breath.It contains pectin, which neutralizes odour and boosts saliva production to keep the mouth from getting dry. The good part about using an apple to ward off garlic breath is that its work doesn’t end in the mouth-it goes right into the bloodstream and neutralizes the sulphur compounds that cause the foul odour. Other foods that could do this too include celery and carrots. They prevent the build up of bacteria and plaque.

6. Green tea
The reason green tea is ideal to combat bad breath is that it possesses deodorizing and disinfectant properties. You must have heard of putting a tea bag into smelly shoes right? Since mint has same effects, using green mint tea is ideal. All you have to do is brew the tea and place in the refrigerator before going to bed. By morning, it should be cool and you can sip it while you go about your daily activities.

7. Baking soda
Did you know that toothpastes contain baking soda? Infact, toothpastes with a higher amount of baking soda are most effective in the reduction of bad breath. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), I possesses antibacterial properties that kill bacteria. To make the most of the baking soda in your kitchen for your mouth, simply heat up a cup of water and add about two teaspoons of baking soda. Swish the mixture for thirty seconds in your mouth before spitting.

8. Vinegar
We all know vinegar is antibacterial due to its acetic acid content. Bacteria can hardly thrive in acidic environments and so they die off with the presence of vinegar. To use, get a cup of water and add two tablespoons of apple or white cider vinegar. Swish in your mouth for thirty seconds and then spit it out.

9. Oranges

Apart from dental hygiene,oranges are healthy. Add its dental benefits and we have an ideal food. Orange contains Vitamin C which boosts the production of saliva, keeping the mouth from drying up and inhibiting bacterial activities.


If you try these methods and none works out, then your problem might just be a health challenge and you should see a doctor as soon as possible. So,try these methods and watch your relationships and confidence take a different turn. Who knows, the person you like just might smile at you after this!







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