Dry Hair Natural Home Remedies you Would want to Try

dry hair
img dry hair condition

Dry hair does not absorb, or retain any or even enough moisture to keep and maintain a great texture, and brightness at the same time, which makes it look lackluster and be brittle. Making the hair look very unhealthy most of the times, their many causes of this condition, some of which are; Chlorinated water used for washing the hair, excessive washing of the hair, excessive exposure to sunlight, use of hot styling products/ tools, and using the wrong hair care products.

Home Remedies

dry hair condition
img olive oil
  • Olive oil:

     The olive oil is a very good recipe for most dry hair condition (and its best used at night before going to bed) properly oil your scalp and hair, as the scalp plays a great role in providing your hair with oil, and preventing dryness of the hair, as it possesses antioxidants and vitamins, that aids and boost the oil supply in the hair, which leaves it shiny, and a more healthier look.

  • Argan Oil:


img argan oil

The argan oil, is very good for the oil dry hair texture, due to the richness of its content to the hair, as it possesses therapeutic properties that cannot be over emphasized. As this properties alongside vitamins A & E, with other strong fatty acids and antioxidants like the linoleic acids, which boost the scalp cells production and regenerates your hair oil, and reduces the unhealthiness and breakage of the hair generally. This treatment is very good and efficient in treating this particular hair condition, that it should be used as a regular conditioner, as it would improve the dryness of your hair, giving it a great soft, and silky hair results.

  • Neem oil:

The medicinal properties contained in the neem oil, does not only help in the improvement of your hair growth, but also helps in treating your dry hair condition and keeping it at bay at the same time. The neem oil works wonders, because of two major components namely; the Azadirachtin, and triterpenoild’s which makes this an antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antihistamine rich property oil. The above mentioned components are all very useful, and functional in averting and treating any dry hair condition, and this has no known side effects, so no matter how bad your hair maybe, the neem oil would help you in untangling, strengthening, and terming your hair to your desired taste. Massage the oil into your scalp along with your shampoo, and rinse it properly, it is always better to apply it this way as it stops hair breakage, and dullness.

  • Mustard oil:

      A regular usage of this oil to massage the hair and scalp, leaves it nourished, as it not just only stimulates the hair growth by increasing the blood circulation in the scalp, as it contains protein (one major hair component), and the omega-3 fatty acid, both of which when used together helps to keep your hair oily and nourished, but it stops breakage and dryness of the hair condition. The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties found in this naturally extracted oil prevents loss of hair, and ensures the healthiness and growth of your hair.

  • Jojoba oil:
img jojoba oil

Research has shown that using the jojoba oil on your hair, gives your hair extra added protection against hair dryness and split ends, the moisturizing condiments of this oil (properties) treats thee dryness of the scalp and hair all together this vitamin E rich oil is very good for both your hair and scalp’s health. As it moisturizes the hair follicles, and aids the prevention of hair dryness, that otherwise leads to losing your hair. Some certain percent of shampoo, has the jojoba oil present, as it is a vital, and important ingredient for moisturizing any type of hair, this oil in all generality contains important and potential fatty acids that emphasizes its healing abilities, and how it combats hair dryness efficiently.

  • Coconut oil:


dry hair condition
img coconut oil

Surprisingly this oil, always pops up when we are discussing any kind of home remedy (its vitality presides it) but none the less, it is another very strong home remedy for treatment of hair dryness condition, as it contains mainly small medium-chains of fatty acids, and is very easy to apply, when it comes to penetrating the hair more deeper and deeper, and quickly as well, more than most conditioners in the market, and it is also highly recommended because it is hundred percent natural, and can be used in large quantity, without causing the hair any damage, and it provides amazing moisturization for your dry hair, adding the shine to the hair, as well as keeping it very healthy.

  • Aloe vera gel:


dry hair
img Aloe vera gel

 The aloe vera gel is very rich in proteolylic enzymes, which helps in the removing of dead scalp cells, and in the re-building of the hair and scalp tissues, which stimulates the hair follicles. The aloe vera gel, is also well packed with highly nutritious hair components that combats hair dryness and improves its growth and texture, preventing hair loss and keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. How to use; apply freshly extracted aloe vera gel, and apply all over the hair and scalp, let it sit for an hour at most, then rinse with a mild shampoo.

  • Henna:

Using a cup of dried henna, and half a cup of plain yogurt, mix this powder and plain yogurt together (until it turns into a nice paste) then apply all over your hair from the tips down to the roots, leave to dry completely, before washing, with a mild shampoo (a mild shampoo is advised, is because, using a chemical filled shampoo, would cause harm to your natural hair) this should be done once a month. The henna recipe works as a natural conditioner to the hair, and helps in transforming its dull and dry nature, into a smooth shiny hair, although it may change your hair color, it promotes hair growth and strengthens the roots of your hair, preventing breakage, which is caused by the dryness of the hair.

It should be noted , that all mentioned remedies, for treating dryness of hair, are very efficient, but may take, time and patience, as applying this remedies religiously, would help in giving your hair the desired healthy look.





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