Having a cold could be one of the most frustrating experiences ever, I really have not seen a person who loves to have cold or continually sneeze. Once we smell a cold a mile away, most of us have the reflex of searching for a cure before it hits us real bad. To this end we have mostly used over the counter drugs which could be expensive and could have adverse effects on us at the end of the day.

If you fall into the category of those who frequently fall victim of colds, I have good news for you, there are simply ways to cure cold, natural remedies which are very healthy and also cheap at the same time. Before go ahead, it is important to understand why we fall victim to colds very often. Colds are a result of a drop in our immune system and we can simply avoid them by keeping our immune systems healthy. A very important way of keeping the immune system healthy is giving the body what it wants, that means providing the body with the necessary nutrients for healthy living.

The home remedies you can use


This bulb is recognized as a natural remedy powerhouse as it possesses several qualities which are important for keeping the body healthy. Garlic is antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal in nature and thus can cure several diseases. Simply put a clove of garlic in some water and after a while drink up as fast as you can.

Hydrogen peroxide

Strange but true, once you notice a cold infection or even an ear infection put a few drops of 3% diluted hydrogen peroxide in each ear.

Face steam

This works like magic to clear the nasal pathways, simply boil two cups of water in a pot and add some kitchen herbs to it. Put the face over the steam and cover your head over it with a thick towel. Do this continually for a couple of minutes and you will feel better.


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