Natural Home Remedies for Clearing Acne Scars


Acne can be very frustrating at times, more so because they leave scars on your face, and other parts of the body they affect. Most people see them as painful reminders of this unwanted condition. However we would be discussing natural home remedies to clearing acne scars. Often a times this condition is caused by excessive oil on the face, while in some cases it may be caused by our own human negligence to how well we take care of our skin.

Natural Home Remedies

  • Orange peel powder:

  It has an amazing lightening component, that helps in reducing skin scarring and pigmentation, thus applying this powder in form of a paste is advised (mixing the orange peel powder, and honey) on all affected areas, and leaving it till the next morning, before washing it off, will go a long way in clearing acne scars from the skin.

  • Coconut oil:

     This oil has be proven scientifically to be highly beneficial to the skin, as it is packed with antioxidants, alongside vitamins K and E, which promotes skin repairs and growth of healthy tissues. It also prevents the surfacing of new acnes on the skin surface, cause of its high antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory components (properties). When applying this oil, the affected part of the skin, must be clean and dry, after which these liquid should be dabbed on the affected surface lightly, and leave till the next morning.

  • Apple cider vinegar:
img of apple cider vinegar
apple cider vinegar

This vinegar also possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that keeps acne at bay. And reduces the chances of acne scars, and helps them in fading if any. While using this vinegar one should always note that keeping the skin moisturized is key.

  • Aloe Vera gel:
img of aloe vera gel
aloe vera gel

Because of the presence of polysaccharide and gibberellins, that enhances the healing of scared skins, it also has contents of antioxidant properties that promotes and improves the repairs of already damaged skin. The gel be extracted, and applied in equal portion on the scared parts, and leave overnight, as much as possible do this once a day, to get that acne free skin.

  • Castor oil:
img of castor oil
castor oil

               Castor oil is highly rich with vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acid, which helps in repairing scared and already damaged skin tissues. Which goes a long to combating pigmentation, and reducing the appearances of acne scars. Applying this directly on the scar would yield great improvements.

  • Turmeric:

              Turmeric helps in clearing acne scars greatly, cause it has lightening and toning agents that helps the skin, it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that tends to speeding up the healing process of scar tissues and improves the skin quality. One who seek fast and effective result should mix with lemon, and use alternately once daily.

  • Potato juice:

Because of its lightening effects on the skin, it helps in reducing the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation, as its juice is very rich in alkaline hence improving the appearance in scaring areas.

  • Baking soda:

               Baking soda has exfoliating properties that helps shed off dead skin cells. The alkaline nature also aids in restoring the Ph. of one’s skin, thereby clearing acne scars naturally, without stress.

  • Tea tree oil:

  Tea tree oil is a well-known remedy for anybody suffering, or prone to acne, as it not only good for getting rid of acne, but also diminishes the appearance of scars obtained from acne, cause of the high level of anti-inflammatory content. This process may take, a while before any signs of improvements would be noticed. But make no mistake if this oil is religiously applied daily, it will bring good results.

  • Honey:


Honey possesses both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components, which helps in healing already damaged skin and further more prevent cases of acne breakout. Because of its natural softness, it tends to speedup (accelerate) the skin repair, or scared tissues.

  • Rose water:

The healing and moisturizing abilities of the rose water, cannot be over emphasized. As it helps to soften scar tissues, and lighten the appearance of acne scars, which aids the regeneration of the skin cells. It should be applied using a cotton swab, gently apply on your face, and leave to evaporate, try to do this twice daily.

  • Garlic:

                This herb is also very great, especially when minced or grounded. The garlic releases compounds known as allicin, which contains antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and even antimicrobial properties. These properties are very helpful in clearing up acne scars, and avoiding any further outbreak of acne on the skin.

  • Ginger:

Ginger possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties, that helps in reducing the appearances of acne scars, by repairing the already demaged skin tissue. Using this does not stress at all, as adding two tablespoons of grinded ginger into a lukewarm water, and using this water to properly wash the affected area, would give the desired improvement.

  • Green tea:

              Catechin properties are known for their helpfulness in reducing inflammation and acne scars, which the green tea possesses. This remedy can be used either ways, which could be internally (by drinking) or externally (applying it on the surface of the scar, or acne infected area, this tea bag should be used once daily.

  • Neem leave:

The neem leave is very rich in antiseptics and other healing properties, which increases the rate at which it heals acne scars, and also helps in lightening the affected areas with time. This leave should be soaked in water, and used to wash the already inflamed areas, to attain maximum result.

Prevention tips for acne

  • Learn to always wash your face (as this is the most prone to be affected part) at least twice a day.
  • Clean up every form of makeup before going to bed (sleeping).
  • Try to eat and sustain a healthy diet, that is rich, and consist of the following; as they contain agents that tends to fight acne, and acne scarring:
  1. Vegetables
  2. Grains
  3. Fresh fruits
  4. Fish, and
  5. nuts
  • Avoid picking or squeezing out pimples.

The following tips to a very large extent would help in cock-tailing, and avoiding any appearance of acne or its scarring on the skin.               





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