Natural hair masks for frizzy hair


Is you hair dry and damaged? Is your frizzy hair causing you to frown all the time? What if we told you the solution to your problem is in your kitchen? There are lots of different ingredients that could help improve the quality of your hair and cause them to be healthy.
We know you’ve probably gone searching for hair care products in malls, but those products contain chemicals that make your hair worse and cause them to be lifeless.
What your hair needs are essential nutrients supplied to your scalp as well as your roots and strands. The good news is that you will get these from homemade hair masks and we’re going to show you a few ideas for your frizzy hair.
Homemade Hair Mask Ideas for Your Frizzy Hair

Banana Hair Mask For Frizzy Hair

You may have heard wonderful reviews about banana conditioners. Well, you really don’t have to go all the way in search of those products, you could make one right there at home with only a little cost.
Bananas are rich in nutrients like potassium, calcium and carbohydrate. They are also rich in natural oils and thus help to hydrate and nourish brittle and dry hair, improving its sheen and elasticity.
The fruit also provides nourishment to your hair follicles stimulating healthy hair growth.
Plus, this hair mask has whole milk in its recipe which contains lots of proteins that help strengthen and nourish your hair .
There’s also cocoa powder which helps moisturize and boost the deep brown tones in your hair. This is especially the case if you’re a brunette or a redhead.

Here’s what you’ll need :

• One banana
• A whole milk
• Two teaspoons of cocoa powder

Here’s what you should do :

• Peel the banana into pieces, place them in a clean bowl and mash using a fork. Do this until you get a smooth pulp.
• Next, add the milk and cocoa powder. The amount of milk added should be able to thin out the mashed banana.
• Mix all the ingredients together to get a smooth paste.
• With a clean dye brush, apply the mask on your hair.
• Let it sit for about thirty minutes before rinsing off with water.
• Afterwards, wash normally with a cleansing shampoo and then allow your hair to air-dry.
• Do this once a week, it will help tame your frizzy hair.

Aloe Vera for Frizzy Hair

Aloe vera has been used overtime for hair care. It is useful for moisturizing and forms a protective layer over your hair cuticle when combined with a carrier oil. It does this to minimise loss of moisture, leaving your hair smooth, shiny and soft.

Here’s what you’ll need :

• A quarter cup of aloe vera gel
• A quarter cup of a carrier oil of your choice

Here’s what you should do :

• Combine the aloe vera gel with whatever carrier oil you choose
• Apply the mixture onto your scalp and cover your hair with it
• Let the mixture stay for about thirty minutes and then wash off with shampoo and condition afterwards.
• Do this twice a week

Apple Cider Vinegar For Frizzy Hair

ACV is useful for balancing the pH level of your hair and closing open cuticles that could cause your hair to lose moisture.
It also helps get rid of grease and dirt, making sure your hair sparkles.

Here’s what you’ll need :

• Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
• Two cups of water

Here’s what you should do :

• Mix the ACV in cool water and set it aside in a jig
• Wash your hair first with shampoo and rinse off with the diluted ACV
• Allow your hair stay that way for a few minutes before conditioning
• Repeat this at least once a week.

Honey And Yogurt for Frizzy Hair

Honey is useful for the retention of moisture while yoghurt helps condition the hair. Honey is also an emollient and leaves the hair smoother and shiny.

Here’s what you’ll need :

• Three tablespoons of yoghurt
• One tablespoon of honey

Here’s what you should do :

• Mix both ingredients in a bowl and apply on your hair and scalp.
• Let it stay for thirty minutes before washing off with cold water
• Repeat this at least once a week to help moisturize your hair and prevent frizz.

Honey For Frizzy Hair

Using honey is easy and it will help seal in moisture in your hair. It will also make your hair smooth, shiny and strong.

Here’s what you’ll need :

• Two tablespoons of honey
• Two cups of warm water

Here’s what you should do :

• Dilute the honey with a little bit of water and cover your hair with the mixture by pouring it through.
• Let the mixture stay on your hair for thirty minutes.
• Shampoo and condition your hair as usual afterwards.
Note Honey is great for conditioning your hair but it may also lighten your hair. We suggest you do not use it more than once every week if you would rather not have your hair lightened. For subtle highlights, use the mask twice a week.

Beer for Frizzy Hair

Beer is useful for restoring moisture to your hair. Beyond this, it contains vitamin B and protein that nourish the hair.
Plus, it gets rid of dirt and grease buildup when used as a cleansing rinse, thus keeping your cuticles healthy.

Here’s what you’ll need :

• A pint of beer

Here’s what you should do :

• Try decarbonating your beer by pouring it into a bowl and allowing it sit overnight till it goes flat.
• Wash your hair using shampoo and then rinse with the beer while massaging your scalp.
• Rinse the beer with cold water
• Do this once in two weeks p

Mayonnaise Hair Mask for frizzy hair

Mayonnaise hair mask works like magic, providing nourishment, strength and shine for the hair. Plus, it adds an extra layer of moisture which helps to control frizzy hair effectively. This is one of the best hair masks for frizzy hair.

Here’s what you’ll need :

• A quarter cup of mayonnaise
• A third cup of pure almond oil
• One egg (or two, depending on how long your hair is)

Here’s what you should do :

• Mix all the ingredients till you get a smooth paste
• Generously apply the mask on your scalp and hair and then cover with a shower cap or a hot towel.
• Shampoo thoroughly and follow up with conditioner
• You can use the hair mask twice a week


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