Myths About Loose Vaginas and How To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally


The vagina is a sensitive part of the female organ. It can be a handful having to deal with the troubles of having one. One of the greatest troubles of the vagina is its loosening. This could happen as a result of several reasons like giving birth without breaks, having multiple sexual partners and ageing. Unfortunately, lots of women have believed things about their veejays that are untrue. Most have been weighed down by such untrue stuff peddled by ignorant and sexist people. If you’re one of the individuals that believe these stories, then the first thing you should note is that vaginas come in lots of unique shapes and sizes and thus function differently.

We’ll start with analysing a few of these myths and explaining why they’re untrue. You see, most of these myths come from a patriarchal society that is bent on boxing the female gender to prevent her from being promiscuous and making her see herself as inferior for giving birth. To these myths, Psychology today states as a matter of factly, that they exist to keep the woman from following her desires and exploring the world.

One more important information to take note of is that just like penises come in different sizes, vaginas do too. You’ll agree that a penis is only big to a “tight“ vagina and only small to a “loose” to a small vagina. What this tells you is that a vagina is only tight to a big penis and only loose to a small penis.

That said, let’s dive into some of these myths.

Your Vagina Becomes Loose When You Give Birth

Apart from sexual intercourse, the vagina’s other duty is childbirth. It is true that the vagina gets wider after childbirth. However, this is only temporary. It widens because the pelvic muscles are stretched by the baby’s delivery. But since muscles make up the pelvic  floor, the vagina will usually tighten after sometime. The tightening can be hastened if you carry out tightening exercises like the kegel’s exercise or legups.

So Much Sexual Activity Makes The Vagina Loose

This myth is peddled by people who are either ignorant or just bent on keeping girls virgins with lies. Note that the vagina is elastic and is thus able to return to its normal size no matter how much sex you have.

Masturbation Causes Your Vagina To Become Loose


Anxiety controls the tightness of the vagina according to Psychology today. You’re more likely to clench your vaginal muscles when you’re anxious. Masturbation helps to ease your anxiety , stopping the clenching of your vaginal muscles. Apart from this, whoever says that a permanent loosening of the vagina happens as a result of masturbation is lying.

Once Your Vagina Loosens, It is Never Going To Get Tight Again

Remember that the vaginal muscles are elastic and as such could return to “factory settings” . All you have to do is carry out a few exercises and soon your vagina will be as good as new.

Your Partner Has Nothing To Do With The Loosening Of Your Vagina

This is another myth peddled by society. Your partner,of course, can contribute to the loosening of the vagina if they do not get you moist enough before penetration. The repercussion of this is that your vagina does not get relaxed enough for sexual intercourse to occur. This could eventually lead to the looseness of your vagina.

If you have a loosened vagina, there’s nothing to worry about. Your vagina can be tightened. We have successfully compiled a list of natural ways to tighten the vagina, read on to find out what they are.

Natural Ways to tighten the vagina

Aloe Vera

When we speak of tightening the vaginal walls with aloe vera, we speak of using aloe vera’s gel. The gel gotten from aloe vera has been proven effective in tightening the muscles of the vagina. The gel has regenerative characteristics that will help the walls of the vagina become strengthened .

To use,

  1. Get a sheet of aloe vera and scrape off its gel.
  2. Apply the gel (two tablespoons are enough) onto the inner and outer parts of your vagina daily.
  3. Massage the skin where the flaccid area is located gently.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercise is the most popular exercise used by thousands of women to tighten their vaginal walls. It is usually targeted at the muscles of the pelvic floor and is able to not only tighten the vagina but even improve bladder strength. Simply contract and relax the muscles of your groin non-stop for at least fifteen times and follow with about four sets daily. You could also try to contract the muscles of the groin while peeing hold the urine in for like five seconds before going on. Keep doing that until you’re done urinating. You could do that everytime you want to urinate.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is an essential oil that is used as a natural remedy for a lot of problems ranging from medical issues to skin nourishing problems . It possesses anti-bacteria properties useful in protecting the body from infections. It also helps strengthen the walls of the vaginal muscles .

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is owned and used by many as a home remedy for a plethora of ailments. It is then no shock that it could also be used to tighten the vagina. You could add it to your bath or even take it orally and in no time, you’ll literally feel your vaginal muscles  tighten.

Leg Ups

The leg up is a simple exercise that is able to help with vaginal tighten. Simply lay onn the floor with your back to the ground and lift your legs ,the left first and then the right. You lift the second while slowly dropping the first. You could also try lifting your legs sideways while standing and then lift the other leg once you drop the first. Keep doing that for a minute while changing sides often till you have done this for ten minutes. It is much more effective if you repeat this at least five times a day

Leg ups

Eat Healthy

If you eat diets rich in estrogen, your vagina also becomes firmer. Foods such as soybeans, flaxseed, pomegranates, chickpeas, sesame seeds and others are rich in estrogen and as a consequence wilkl help restore the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.


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