Morning Habits That Encourage Weight Loss


Mornings are literally the most exciting part of the day. They’re like receiving a present and being excited about unwrapping it. It’s a fresh opportunity to work on the standards you have set for your health, even if you missed it the previous day. It’s usually best to incorporate a weight loss routine first thing in the morning because then you have fewer distractions and better motivation. Plus, it keeps you in the fitness mood throughout the day.
You don’t have to change your diet and lifestyle to lose weight. All you need are a few tweaks here and there to your morning routine and soon, you’ll notice how much weight you’ve lost. Infact, one study reveals that the habits you have in the morning affects your weight loss and diet efforts. Another study shows that “morning people “ are more likely to lose more weight than “night owls “.
Apart from these benefits, the right morning habits improve your mood, metabolism and leaves you pumped up to achieve every goal you set out for the day.

So What Are The Right Morning Habits That Encourage Weight Loss?

1. Soak Up The Sunshine

One of the first things you should do when you come awake is bask in the blue light that the sun gives in the morning. One study actually realized that people who are exposed to the morning sunlight have lower BMIs (Body Mass Index) that the ones whose exposures come in the afternoon. With just soaking up the sun, without dieting, physical workouts and the rest, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your weight. A lack of sunlight can cause you to gain weight by tampering with your internal body clock and metabolism. A little as twenty minutes in the morning sun will make a whole lot of difference and even improve your health. You already are aware that we could get vitamin D from the sun. You know what Vitamin D does? Here’s what : it helps organs function properly, it improves emotional stability which could help your focus remain steady on your weight loss goals, you will also feel energized enough to eat a healthy snack, get a healthy breakfast and work out. A study showed that the higher the Vitamin D intake, the less the weight.

Another point is, making basking in the morning sun a routine will cause you to get up on time and do everything on time, including have breakfast. This way, your metabolism kick starts early and your circadian rhythms are set properly. With that in place, stuff like hunger and satiety are put in check. This explains why a lot of night workers are obese.

2. Have a High Dose of Protein For Breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we all know. But what you have for breakfast is extremely important too. A good dose of protein to start your day will make some pounds drop. Protein takes more time to metabolise and triggers feelings of fullness by reason of the gut hormone that is secreted. As such, cravings are reduced and excessive eating is curbed. One study tested this on thirty five women. Each of them was given a breakfast from three different kinds. One was water (a glass), the other two were foods with about 300 grams each – one containing more protein than the other. The ones who had more protein felt less full and at lunch ate little. Taking proteins for breakfast also increases metabolism. Examples of high-protein foods you could start your day with includes eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, chia seeds, bean cakes, chia seeds, sausages, meat. The ideal amount advised is 30 grams. If you plan to lose weight, the wrongest move is skipping breakfast. Eat breakfast, but one with a high amount of protein, that way, when you’re making plans for lunch, they will be wiser, more health-conscious decisions since you won’t be as hungry.

3. Squeeze in a little work out time

You have no idea how a little physical activity in the morning could help. A stroll alone would do wonders. You could even stroll or jog while basking in the sun, great idea right? A study carried out on people who ate before exercising and those who did after exercising found that the ones who did after breakfast gained some weight. There was a control group of people who ate but didn’t exercise, those ones gained weight too. When you do a little bit of exercise before breakfast, more fat is burned for energy. Plus, you’ll be less distracted with people, emails and texts, and also crave less food. Infact, a published study reads that some women who had a morning walk for forty five minutes were energized to do more and craved less food.

4. Take a cold shower

Oh, for the love of hot showers!  Well, unfortunately, the key to your weight loss routine just might be in a cold shower. A cold shower jump starts your metabolism, boosts your energy and puts your hormones under control. You see, the body burns calories to keep you warm when your body is cold, this function is what a cold shower helps trigger. It is advised that you begin the shower at a comfortable temperature, before slowly making the water colder. You can then stay under the cold shower for at least four minutes before putting it off.

5. Indulge yourself

This looks so wrong but is actually so right. During the course of the day, we all usually get cravings for foods we know are not “healthy “. It could be a pizza, some chocolates, cakes etc. It would be a failure if you end up indulging when you crave it. So it’s best to start your day by spoiling yourself with those foods you know you’ll crave later, that way your body gets ample time to metabolize, process, digest and put to use. If you have it later in the day, it’ll end up staying in the body and getting turned to fat. This obviously is not such a great weight loss advice, see it as a cheat to avoid ruining your weight loss plan. At least your body gets a chance to burn up the fat through the day as you get involved with physical activities.

6. Water! Water! Water! 

We know drinking enough water is a health advice we have become familiar with. But did you know water could contribute to weight loss without having to change your diet or exercise? Drinking at least two glasses of water before breakfast everyday not only hydrates you, it could help burn more calories and enhance feelings of fullness. A lot of studies have shown overtime that those who drink less water have lower Body Mass Indexes. Also, overweight people have been known to lose weight just by drinking more water at least thirty minutes before meals.

Just a few changes to your morning routine could be the only weight loss action you take and it would still be effective provided you’re consistent with the routine. But you know what would be better? Having these habits combined with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Either ways, this is much better than quickly losing weight only to have them back. These habits will improve more than your weight, it will get you energized and ready to achieve your goals for the day.
Take them bit by bit if you have to but stay consistent.


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