Okra is a very delicious delicacy prepared especially in African countries. Asides being delicious it is recognized for possessing several nutrients which are particularly important for regulating the body metabolism and improving immunity levels. As awesome as okra is, it has been advised by some researchers that men should abstain from eating okra. This is almost unbelievable when one considers all the good sides to this vegetable. The major reason for this suggestion is that okra seeds have the ability to cause infertility in men. This is one fact I found very hard to believe for a very long time till I went to study about myself. I actually thought it was a myth, just like most of you reading this assumed before now. Well, it is not a myth, it is almost an established fact that okra seeds can cause infertility in men who should be in their most productive years.

A few notes about okra

  1. Okra is a flowering plant which is from the mallow family, it is sometimes called, lady’s fingers.
  2. It is an annual crop which is cultivated in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, consumed majorly because of its fleshy pods.
  3. It is a very resilient plant which can grow amidst the most unlikely conditions.
  4. Studies show that okra contains a certain substance called Gossypol.

The effect of okra on fertility

One thing you should know about this substance Gossypol is that it blocks the enzymes that are important for sperm production and mobility thus inhibiting their development anywhere it is found. Why it is advised that men stop the consumption of okra is that it contains gossypol in very large quantities and thus have the ability to be toxic to fertility in men at any level. Studies have also shown that the seeds of okra have been used in the processing of contraceptives for men, this step supports the claim on okra seeds beyond reasonable doubt.


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