Makeup dos and donts; Tips to help you avoid some beauty blunders


Make up application may appear simple, but in reality, it is very tricky. Are you always caught up in the crossroad of picking the perfect foundation and concealers , blending your eye shadow, bronzing and blushing appropriately, and blending your neck with your face?  Not to worry, the solution to all your problems will be proffered in this article.

The guide below will teach you how to strike the balance between looking good and not having to spend long hours experimenting in front of your mirror.

Here are some tips to what to do and what to avoid when it comes to doing your makeup

Makeup dos

  • Match your foundation to your neck

The pigmentation on your face is often a little lighter or darker than the one on your neck, therefore, matching your foundation to the neck avoids the dreaded demarcation line of where your foundation stops and where your neck color starts. If you are wearing an off shoulder or low cut top, you might also want to strategically bronze the edges of your face, especially if your chest is dark, to complement your décolletage without making your face appear too dark.

  • Prevent your under-eye concealer from creasing

Using a lightweight moisturizer or serum around your eyes during the day can help prevent your under-eye concealer from creasing. Light weight moisturizers also keep your under-eye hydrated. The rich eye cream you usually use can cause your concealer to slip into lines. A very light application of powder can also help keep prevent under eye creases.

  • Prep your face first

Before applying your makeup, make sure you prep your face so it can give your desired effect. Make sure you either wash it, use a lightly hydrating toner serum, moisturizer or essence. Then you can apply your makeup.

  • Use a concealer that is half or one shade lighter than your foundation

Your foundation already does an amazing job of evening out your skin tone. Therefore, while picking your concealer, you should go for one a shade lighter than your foundation; it brightens your under eye area, and also the center of your face, making you look more alive. But make sure you do not go a shade higher as it  can leave whitish looking circles under your eyes(and I’m sure that’s not what you desire)

A magnifying mirror will ensure you don’t miss anything while applying your makeup , especially if you don’t have the best vision. You want to make sure your concealer, foundation and powder are settling into fine lines or that your eyes shadow is properly blended without smudging any part of your face. Any mirror of 4X magnification or higher(depending on your eyesight) can ensure you get your perfect look.

  • Learn the best blush shade for your skin tone

Blush is an imitation of the part of your skin you blush the most, which is why it’s important you pick a shade that suits your skin tone.

Asides from peach blush which is universal and suitable for all skin tones, here are some tips to picking a blush shade for your skin tone;

  • For a fair skin, you should try the peach or pale pink blush
  • For a medium skin, you should use apricot, plum or medium pink/berry blush
  • For an olive skin, you should try a rose or orangey-peach blush
  • For a dark skin, you should use a raisin, bright orange or brick red blush

Your brushes overtime collect bacteria when you let product build up on them, making them get gross really fast. This is why you shouldn’t neglect them. Wash your brushes at least once a week with a very mild soap. This keeps them free from germs, hence, keeping your face free from germs too.

  • Find a taupe or nude eyeshadow

Nothing beats the subtle, and soft look that neutral eye shadow colors give. Any taupe or nude eyes shadow can help give you a natural glow.

  • Stick with either brown or black mascara

Mascara can open, brighten and rejuvenate your lashes, especially the black and the brown ones. They elongate your lashes , making your facial feminine qualities prominent.\

When you want to apply another coat over the mascara you are already wearing all day, and you are faced with a difficulty doing that, simply wet a clean spoolie brush and comb through the lashes. That way, ypu can ease out the flaky mess, allowing you to apply the next coat of mascara.

Makeup Donts

  • Your brow filler doesn’t really need to be a shade darker

Using a shade that matches or is a little lighter than your brow color will give you a naturally defined, full looking brows without heavy contrast. Try a color that’s a shade or two darker than your natural brows to give you a desired look and also to prevent your brows from looking washed out.

  • Know when to wear a full smokey-eye

The mantra ‘timing is everything’ equally applies to wearing your makeup. There are times suitable for a full blown smokey eye, and there are times it is totally unnecessary. For instance, wearing a full blown smokey eye to an office or any official function will make you look seriously overdone. Instead, reserve your beautiful dark and glistening shadows for a night out.

Primer or any simple moisturizer is very important when applying makeup. They act as a barrier between your skin and whatever makeup you put on top of it. This will protect your skin from breakouts, simultaneously ensuring your makeup lasts all day.

  • Break the union between your lips and black pencil

Lining your lips with dark pencil is a big NO. Not only does is it outdated, it is highly unnatural, it ages your mouth area, and also makes your lips look smaller. Try wearing a lip liner that’s the exact shade of the neutral lipstick you are wearing, OR, find one that matches your lip.

  • Don’t smile while applying your blush

When you smile you blush your cheeks, it raises them. When you stop smiling and your cheeks return to their normal position, the blush color may end up being in the lower part of the face, and not in the intended place.

Even when you blush, try to blend them in a circular motion; this can achieve your desired looks.

These tips will help you prevent some makeup blunders from happening.

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