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Make up application is always a hassle for rookies like us and make-up artists on YouTube(Damn those people) and other platforms don’t make it easy on our poor skills. Not to worry though because as always, we’ve got you and we also have quick, easy hacks that will save you time without undermining your glam. I’m this article, there are lots of fun ways to apply makeup and make your routine easier. You’ll learn how to get fuller-looking eyebrows and even make your lip colour last longer. Enough talk, let’s dive in!

HACK 1: Exfoliate before applying lipstick

Whenever you plan to wear a dark or pigmented lip shade, start with getting rid of the dead skin cells on your lips by using a lip scrub. When your lips are smooth, apply a moisturizing lip balm before applying the lipstick. If you can’t get a lip scrub, a face scrub will get the job done .

Hack 2: Turn Eyeliner Pencil Into Gel

Gelling up the eyeliner will make application a lot easier. Sometimes its difficult to apply eyeliners that are dry. To turn into gel, place the tip of the eyeliner pencil over a flame and run it through for just a second, you don’t want to lose your eyeliner pencil. After it cools for fifteen seconds, apply easily.

Hack 3: Use a white eyeliner to make your eyeshadow to stand out

If you want the colour of your eye shadow to pop, apply a white eyeliner all over your eyelid and then apply your favourite eyeshadow. With the white, the colour you put on is further intensified.

Hack 4: Achieve Perfect Winged Eyeliner With a Spoon

You can perfect those wings you’ve been struggling with just using a spoon. Start applying your eyeliner normally and then press the round part of the spoon against your eyelid while applying. Move the spoon outwards and trace the outline. There, you have a perfect winged eyeliner.

Hack 5: Make Your Own Lip Gloss

You know how you always get rid of broken eye shadows? You don’t have to do that anymore. They can be put to good use by mixing them up with petroleum jelly. That way, you can get whichever colour of lip gloss you’d love to get.

Hack 6: You can get rid of clumps in your mascara

We get how annoying it is when you encounter clumps in your mascara, but don’t worry, there’s a solution! To get rid of the clumps, simply get a warm water into a bowl and drop your mascara tube into the bowl. That way, the clumps melt and smoothen out.
Plus, don’t pump the wand into your mascara bottle as it will just add air into the tube which dries the mascara out fast.

Hack 7: Keep your Beauty Blender safe

If you’ve been searching for a container to safely store your beauty blender, we have the perfect item – Easter eggs! Finally, the easter eggs have some use. The easter egg is the perfect shape and size to house your beauty blender so it doesn’t get dirty. Plus, you’ll feel a little excited every time you open it.

Hack 8: You need a fan brush but can’t get one for some reason?

This is not a problem at all! All you need to get your own fan brush is a Bobby pin and another brush. Using the Bobby pins, smush the bristles and there you go! Your very own fan brush.

Hack 9: A spoon to protect you from mascara stains

You know how you almost always have mascara stains on your lids while trying to put a mascara on? A spoon can solve your problem. Simply place a spoon on your lids while applying your mascara and the spoon will protect your lids from getting stained.

Hack 10: Get the eye drops!

Don’t you just hate it when your mascara dries out? Not to worry, you can simply smooth it out by adding a few drops of eye drops or contact solution and in no time, it will smooth out.

Hack 11: Prevent you lashes from sticking up when you wear them

If you wear false lashes and they almost always stick up, you can apply them to the outside of a cylindrical tube so that they stick to the tube and curve. That way, they will easily curve when you apply them and not stick up annoyingly.

Hack 12: Dropped your eyeshadow

Dropping an eyeshadow and having it break is not annoying, it’s heart-breaking. However, there’s a way to fix it (and fix your heart). Simply add a few drops of alcohol to the eyeshadow and smooth it back into the pot. Viola! Mended eyeshadow, mended heart! And yes, you could do this with your cracked powder or blush.

Hack 13: Apply eyelash glue to false lashes with the tip of a clean bobby pin

Bobby pins could be used for more than just hair. You could use it to disperse glue evenly along the base of your falsies easily. After you’re done dispersing, let the glue get tacky before gluing to your lash line.

Hack 14: Use a tissue and some powder to get your lipstick to last

To get a lip colour that will last for a long time, simply swipe the lipstick on, then lay a tissue over your mouth carefully. Over the tissue, apply some powder. This is done this way so that the powder does not end up lightening up the shade of your lipstick.

Hack 15: Contour with a pencil, pen or makeup brush handle

To make your contouring appear a lot more natural, use a pen, makeup brush handle or pencil as a guide so that you know exactly where your cheek bone is. This makes contouring a lot easier.
Simply roll a pencil or pen (as lightly as possible) right below the cheekbone in the pocket under the bone so that you find the right angle for your face. Once you get the angle, dust your bronzer on your face with your contour brush and the diffuse the colour so that it appears natural.

Hack 16: Use an invisible lip liner

Before applying your lipstick, use an invisible wax liner to line your lips. This is done so that the colour of lipstick you have on lasts longer and does not feather.
Start by lining the outside of your lips with the invisible lip kind and then fill in any line. Afterwards, you can fill in the rest of your lips with another lip liner the shade that matches the colour of lipstick you’ll be going with.


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