On the skin there are tiny holes which allow it to breathe, these holes are known as pores and they are not bad in themselves, as a matter of fact they play a very important role in the body metabolism. However as we get older these pores begin widen and they can look really annoying and unappealing when they become quite large. The pores have their way of disfiguring a person or ruining one’s appearance, a major reason why people will do anything to resolve this problem.

There are several artificial beauty products and treatment procedures that can solve this problem but the challenge is that most are pretty expensive and there is also the risk of side effects. For this reason it highly recommended that you turn to natural remedies, below are a few that can come in handy.

Aloe Vera gel

I really do not need to start describing the health attributes of aloe vera gel, I will just go straight to the point with this. Just slice the aloe vera leaf and squeeze out the gel gently, once this is done, apply the gel to your face or any other part of the body you want to. It is best you apply just before going to bed, leave it overnight and rinse off with clean water in the morning.

Egg white mask

For this you will need one egg white, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and same amount of oatmeal. Pour all the ingredients in a bowl and mix till you get a homogenous mixture, rub on the face or any other part of the body you desire. Leave the mixture to work for 30 minutes and rinse off with cold water. You should do this once daily for great results.

Baking soda

To use this simply make a paste of water and baking soda and rub over the face. Massage and allow to stay for about a minute or two and rinse off with water. This should be done once in four days as baking soda could be caustic to the skin.

Now you can clear those pores without stress.


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