How to make liquid Soap in Nigeria


Have you ever wondered how the world took a sharp turn from bar dish washing soaps to liquid dish washing soap? No you won’t because the transition was so fast and smooth that anyone will hardly even notice.

Yes liquid soap has come to stay because it smells better that the bar soap, it is easier to handle, more presentable when offering it to visitors to wash their hands and doesn’t make a mess like the bar soap. Everyone appreciates liquid soap and almost everyone is now using it.
These days, locally produced liquid soap has emerged and it’s everywhere in the local market. Some People prefer to buy these ones because it is cheaper and easily affordable.
You too can make your own liquid soap and sell it to others, whether you want to package it in fancy containers or you just want to sell it locally, the choice is yours and the good thing is that you can still make a decent profit from either ways.
I make and sell liquid soap sometimes… (multiple stream of income is the key) so trust when I say it is PROFITABLE.
Below is how to prepare 25 litres of liquid soap.


Caustic soda —– 2 tablespoon
Soda Ash ———– 1/2kg
Nitro sol ———— 1/8kg or 1 milk cup
Sulphunic acid —— 1 litre
Texapon ————– 1/4kg
Sodium laurel sulphate (sls) — 1/8kg
STPP ——————— 1/2kg
Formalin ———— 1 tablespoon
Colour ————- 1 tablespoon
Perfume ———– 200ml


• dilute caustic soda and soda ash in water in different containers at the ratio of 1:3 cups of water, that is, 1 tablespoon of caustic soda is to 3 tablespoons of water. Same applies with soda ash. Allow this two solutions at least 24 hours to ferment before use note: caustic soda is a very corrosive chemical so be careful when you are around it.
• fetch 25 litres of water and keep aside. Get the containers you will use for mixing and set to work.
• take 15 litres of water and dissolve the nitrosol in it.
• dilute SLS in 2 litres of water.
•dilute STPP in 3 litres of water and keep aside.
•get an empty container and turn in your Texapon and Sulphunic acid and stir very well.
• Add the diluted caustic soda in it and stir very well.
• Add the diluted SLS and STPP and keep stirring
• Turn thus into the nitrosol and stir very well to incorporate.
• Add colour, preservative and perfume and keep string till everything is fly mixed.
• Allow to stay at least 24 hours before use.

So that was it on how to make your liquid soap at home. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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