How to Make Lip Balm at Home Without Stress

lip balm

you a Lip balm are very essential item of any ladies handbag especially during the dry hammattan and winter periods, depending on which part of the globe you are.

Lip balm comes into use anytime from when a person wakes up, during the day and definitely before going to bed at night to keep their lips well moisturized and crack free. I myself, i use lip balm at least 3 times a day and when the whether is very dry, it will go up to 6 times. That is because i like my lips looking dry and cracked, instead, I prefer to keep it looking soft and we’ll moisturized.

Producing your own lip balm is super easy and will save you the cost of having to buy it all the time for yourself and your family. You can also make money from it by packaging it in lip balm containers to sell.

Don’t worry about who will buy. Your friends, relatives and religious members will be your first costumers.

Now let’s go into what you will need to produce this lip balm.


•3 Tablespoon of unbleached beeswax

• 1 teaspoon honey.

• 5 teaspoon carrier oil (jojoba, sunflower or castor oil)

• 6 drops of essential oil



• combine your beeswax and carrier oil in a small plate.

• with the help of a double boiler ( put water in a pot or pan, then place the plate of beeswax and carrier oil in it and bring the water to boil while stiring the beeswax till it melts completely.

• Remove from the heat and add essential oil and honey.

• Stir thoroughly this everything is well mixed.

• Adda little food colour and stir.

• Transfer to your container while it is still in liquid form.

• Leave in a cool place till it solidify.

Now your lip balm is ready for use.

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