Pink lips have a subtle way of being attractive and adding charm to a person’s face. Little wonder several people are constantly seeking ways to change the color of their lips, they could even pay a fortune to achieve this with batting an eyelid. Several folks are born with pink lips and for them we can say they are simply blessed. For those who are not so blessed like me, let us take a look at a couple of methods to help us brighten out lip color naturally.

Using honey

There is really no need to overemphasize the efficacy of honey as a natural remedy, it is recognized worldwide as one of the most potent remedies ever. Asides being a remedy for dark lips, it also helps to make the lips softer. If you use this religiously, after a couple of days you should begin to see great results.

Lemon juice

This is a very potent natural bleaching agent. It is very potent in clearing off the dark color of lips and make them pink in less than no time. Simply get some lemon and slice it, then squeeze the juice and use on the lips. After application, ensure to massage gently for best results.

Sugar scrub

Sugar is one of the most potent exfoliating agents and it works well to clear off the dead cells on the lips. Simply add three spoons of sugar to two spoons of butter and beat to get a homogenous mixture. Apply softly to the lips to clear off the dead cells and skin. Do this thrice a week for best results.

Ices cubes

This method is quiet simple, get some ice cubes and use them to rub the lips gently. They help to make the lips plump and moisturized.

Did I see you leap for joy? Yes you can and should because it works like magic.


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