Making money can be quite difficult especially when you are trying to start up a business of your own, in fact with the economic climate of the world presently, it seems like a herculean task trying to start up a new business. This does not mean it is impossible, the truth still remains that some businesses are easier to begin and sustain than others. One key aspect of running any business is the amount capital available, everyone wants to run business on a large scale, start up as big as possible and keep smiling to the bank. As interesting as that may sound, some of us will still have to start small, that is the reason for this article.

Let us take a look at few business ideas that you can start with little or nothing which can grow to become mega businesses in the nearest future.

Small scale farming

Humans depend on food to survive and thus indulging in anything that produces food is sure to yield great profit to the entrepreneur. You can be involved in farming in several ways, rearing birds for consumption or eggs, growing vegetables, a few food crops, etc. To begin this you do not need mega capital, you can easily grow through the ranks.


Baking or producing small chops and other snacks could help you rake in a very huge income in no time. There are several avenues to sell your products, you could try traffic, a roadside stall, a school, etc. This is known to be a major money spinner.


Technology has made the world into a global village, you can sell your skills to people you have never met. Take advantage of the several online platforms to advertise your skills and begin to make money daily.

Fashion design

You can try out making great outfits, especially if you have a flare for making people look good. This industry is growing by the second and more and more designers are taking the stage by storm.


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