How to lose Weight without Exercising

lose weight without exercise

Weight loss is a phenomenon dependent on the ratio of calories present in the body. This is usually measured as the difference between in the calorie intake of an individual and the calorie loss of an individual if the amount of calories lost is higher, the individual is visualized as losing weight, if it is vice versa, then the obvious is bound to happen. The most profound method of burning calories and shedding weight by individuals till date is being religious with exercise routines but it is also a known fact that a great number of people cannot stay religious to a simple exercise routine, talk more of the more rigorous ones.

Exercise enthusiasts burn fat via staying true to rigorous exercise routines on a daily basis but these routines mostly seem impractical to several other people, chiefly due to reasons like health challenges, time constraint or simply lack of interest. Research has however shown that there are several habits that could be almost as effective as exercises with respect to weight loss. This article is geared at enlightening you on a few of these habits which could be inculcated for a healthier lifestyle.


Most plates have a diameter of between 11 and 12 inches, studies show that if a person who eats constantly with a plate of 9 inches in diameter has a tendency of cutting their food intake by 23% in a month. This means that a reduction in plate size will lead to consumption of fewer calories which will naturally result in less fat accumulation. The same effect is achieved with the use of a smaller serving spoon. You are likely to cut off 14% of your food intake in a month just from using a smaller serving spoon.


It is not far from humans to hide in a state of denial and denying weight gain is one of the most pronounced forms. This is why recording weights is important. Take time out to take your weights daily or weekly and find the average to know whether or not you are adding weight. This in turn helps one accept that there is a problem and pushes them to start out on a plan to lose the weight.


This is a very potent tool as it helps one keep record of daily consumption. It makes you really honest with yourself and keep track with what you eat. This will help you control your diet and thus reduce your calorie intake.


It is important to rest and sleep more if you are going to lose weight. Studies show that lack of sleep produces the hormone cortisol which increases appetite. Sleeping well ensures you do not eat as much, thus reducing your calorie intake.


The best kind of breakfast to have is one with a lot of protein. This is bound to keep you filled for most of the day, so you do not have to keep consuming food over and over.

So you have been educated on a few habits to help improve your health and calorie level. All you need do is inculcate these and you can be sure that even if you do not exercise, you still have a chance of losing weight.


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