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The best way to go round the challenge of body metabolism is by shocking the metabolism. It takes an estimated four to ten days for the body metabolism to bounce back from a shock. After this period, it balances out the effect of the shock except there is a new shock. The major question to answer in this article is, how do you lose weight in two weeks? It seems impossible but it is achievable, and yes, without exercise.

Several people believe you need to eat less and exercise more to lose weight, well this may work for a while, but become futile on the long run. The idea is to ensure that a deficit is created that will evoke weight loss but will be achieved without consuming less food. To achieve optimal results you will need to aim for a balanced metabolism along with a calorie deficit, anything short of this will mean that once your body has accustomed to the shock in metabolism, you will gain weight faster than you lost it.
Here are a things you can do to lose weight fast in two weeks or even less:

CONSUME MORE PROTEIN AND FIBRE. The best foods for a person planning to lose weight are proteins and fibers, this is because they are most filling and contain fewer calories. It is therefore important to consume more of these, especially as breakfast, this way you get to eat less food for longer periods of time.

AVOID LIQUID CALORIES. There is always a temptation to consume more liquid calories, especially when the weather is hot or after a long day. Some of these liquid calories include alcohol, milk based coffee, sugary beverages, juices, etc. Take plenty of water and herbal teas instead.

AVOID THE STARTCHY FOODS. These foods add a lot to our overall calorie consumption, they include rice, pasta, bread, pastry, as well as processed foods. Continual consumption of these foods means that even if you are undertaking any exercise routine it might just be a waste of time. Asides the fact that they do not keep you full for longer periods, you also need to consume quite an amount to be filled.

USE SMALLER PLATES. Using smaller plates has a psychological effect on the eater, making the person feel the food is more than it actually is. This way you will reduce your food consumption levels. It is also important to eat slower than usual, this way you get fuller faster.

Note: You can control your calories by controlling your portions. This product here has helped many people like you control their portions for 21 days straight and get amazing results.

USE FRESH SPICES IN YOUR DISHES. This will cause your foods to be hot and peppery, scientifically these will help burn more fat. Studies show that certain plant chemicals can raise metabolism rate by 8%, this will in turn help in burning fat quicker. It also helps to make you fuller faster since you are most likely to be taking lots of water along with the meal.

USE VINEGAR. Vinegar helps the body to reduce insulin response to carbohydrates. This way less fat is stored in the body. Asides this, vinegar is also quite satisfying, so it is advisable to consume some more of it with your food.
In conclusion, achieving the right balance between metabolism and calorie deficit will do the magic and most of this is not achieved by exercise but by watching our eating habits.

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