With advancement in age, it becomes more evident that certain parts of the body begin to retain fat, one of such body parts is the upper arm. This can be quite uncomfortable as it prevents one from wearing certain clothes. Imagine wearing a swimsuit with flabby arms, you can be sure one will turn out as unattractive. There are several measures one can take to lose weight but you can rest assured that the most recommended is still exercise and workouts. Trust me the workouts do not have to be rigorous, they just have to be consistent in order to achieve desired results.

Let us take a look at a few exercises targeted at losing arm fat:

Moderate-intensity aerobic exercises

You can carry these simple exercises for about 30 minutes a day, three to five days a week. Examples of such moderate-intensity exercises are swimming, brisk walking, cycling, fitness classes, etc. These help to effectively burn calories as well as boost body metabolism.

Lifting weights

Now I am not saying Olympic size weights, just something to stretch you a little bit three to five times a week. Studies show that weights help to speed up body metabolism and effectively keep your body trim. Ensure you lift weights with your arms as your target area, especially the triceps and biceps. Some of such exercises include, lateral arm raises, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, bicep curls, etc.

Balanced diet

Just by eating a healthy and balanced diet you can cut off about a pound from your weight every week. Now this is really not targeted at the arms alone, it works well for the entire body. You should definitely cut down on your calorie intake to about 250 calories per day. Eat foods like, vegetables, fish, meat, nuts, whole grains.

These are just a few ways to lose arm fat, there are several others, you just need to pick out which best suits you.


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