Papaya commonly known as pawpaw is one fruit that has too many uses, apart from it delicious taste and being healthy when consumed it is a very good for the skin. Most skincare companies do not fail to include papaya among their ingredients during production. Papaya contains papain which is the enzyme responsible for skin lightening, anti- ageing, fading away of black spots and so many other skin problems; it also contains vitamin A and C. There are a lot of reasons why one should include papaya to their skin care routine.

Benefits of using papaya for the skin

• The enzyme papain helps in fighting acne
• For skin lightening and glowing skin
• Good exfoilator and moisturizer
• Softens and smoothens the skin
• Protects the skin from damage caused by sunlight
• Fades black spots on the skin
• It helps to inhibit (slows) melanin formation and you know that melanin the pigment responsible for darkening of the skin
Now that we know the benefits of using papaya for our skin, here are some ways in which we can use in achieving a lighter skin with papaya;

1. Papaya and Tomato mask

Papaya and tomato mask does a great job at lightening the skin and giving a flawless complexion and the good part about this combination is that we make use of tomatoes everyday so you can actually steal one of the tomatoes you want to use in making your sauce (lol) and combine with papaya to achieve this, tomato contains lycopene which helps in neutralizing the harmful effect caused by the UV light by scavenging skin-damaging free radicals.
➢ Smash the papaya and add the pulp or juice of the tomato to make a paste or you can actually grind both ingredients together using a blender.
➢ Make sure your face or wherever you want to apply the paste is properly washed and dried, then apply and leave for 20 minutes
➢ Wash off with a warm water and air dry. You will notice an instant glow after using this mask.

2. Papaya banana apple and yoghurt mask

The benefits of this mask is that it is good for all skin types and it brings an instant glow, banana helps in reducing wrinkles and gives the skin that youthful glow.
➢ mix all 4 ingredients in blender to make a smooth paste
➢ apply on a clean face for 20 minutes
➢ wash off with water

3. Papaya and lemon mask

Lemon has really helped a lot of people having skin problems and it is very effective in fading out dark spots, combined with papaya gives a very excellent result. Your skin would love you after trying out this mask.
➢ Mash the papaya to make a smooth paste
➢ Add lemon juice and mix properly
➢ Apply on face and leave for 15-20 minutes
➢ You can also include milk to the mask preferably goat milk but if you can’t get goat milk use normal powder milk
➢ Wash off with clean water and moisturize

4. Papaya and sandalwood powder

This paste helps improve skin complexion, sandalwood powder has a natural extract that helps in making skin fair, it also treat acne and makes the skin glow.
➢ Mash the papaya
➢ Add sandalwood powder to the papaya paste and mix properly
➢ Apply this mix to a clean face and leave for 20 minutes
➢ Rinse face with lukewarm water



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