lighten dark inner thighs


One major source of embarrassment which has no respect for gender is darkening of the skin around the inner thighs. This issue is not restricted to dark skinned people alone and it affects people of all races in all climes. People on the big side, I mean obese people, tend to suffer from this issue more because their thighs tend to rub against each other when they walk around or try to do some exercise. People however tend to ignore this problem because most times their thighs are not usually exposed and so the issue is kept a secret. Sometimes however you just want to wear something skimpy like a bikini or a swimsuit so you could have some fun at the beach or the pool and there it is, your secret stares you right in the face.
Asides preventing you from wearing what you want, when you want, they could also be an indication that there is something wrong with your body metabolism. For these reasons it is expedient that the issue is treated as soon as it is noticed.

What causes darkening of the inner thighs?
It is quite surprising that there are several causes of darkening of the inner thighs, they can broadly be classified into lifestyle issues, cosmetic procedures gone wrong and medical conditions. Whichever it may be, the phenomenon is not convenient and as such should be dealt with promptly.
– Excessive exercise. Are you shocked? During exercise there is a tendency for your thighs to rub against each other frequently, if you carry out excessive routines, you are liable to having dark inner thighs.
– Obesity. Heavy weight folks are more prone to dark inner thighs because of every form of movement they undertake will result in their thighs rubbing together. This almost constant friction affects the tender skin of the area, making it to darken with time.
– Chemical skincare products. There are several products which could be harmful to us especially when they are chemical. Some of them include hair removal products, body creams, etc.
– Others include exposure to UV rays, hormonal changes, poor hygiene, etc.
Natural remedies

You can make use of any of these remedies to fix your dark inner thighs problem:

– Aloe Vera. We all know the skin care abilities that abound in Aloe Vera. It has an antioxidant effect which helps to repair the skin. Just extract the gel from the leaf and apply directly to the affected parts, wash off after 20 minutes. Do this repeatedly for days and soon you should have clear thighs.

– Yogurt. This is a very gentle bleaching agent which can clear the dark coloring on your inner thighs, basically due to the presence of lactic acid. To achieve the desired result, rub some plain yogurt on the affected body part and leave for 10 minutes then wash off. Do this daily for a few weeks.

– Lemon juice. Due to the high vitamin C content, it works well to bleach dark skin. Apply the juice using a cotton ball to the affected area thrice a week for great results. Wash off after 10 minutes of application.

– Other remedies include cucumbers, oatmeal, coconut oil, etc.
You should note that not all the remedies may work the same way for every skin because of varying levels of sensitivity. If once does not work well, there are several others to try.


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