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Knowing your hair type determines a lot about your hair. From how to take care of it, to styling routines.
The first thing to know about determining your hair type is, you first have to wet your hair and then examine it in front of a mirror in its raw state (before using any products).

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3a hair:
People with this hair type usually have well defined curls that are highly prone to frizzes. Considering the features of this hair type, it is best to use very mild products just to keep it moist.

3b hair:
Just like 3a, this hair type has well defined curls but with less space between the curves of the curls. Avoid using too many products on this hair type because It’s texture is coarse.

3c hair:
The space between the curls of a 3c hair are even tighter and smaller than in 3b. Avoid using heat but more stretching techniques like twists and braids.

4a hair:
Are your curls s shaped? That is definitely a 4a hair. This type of hair has a high moisture retention capacity but this does not mean it is not prone to dryness, every hair type is prone to dryness regardless of it’s moisture retention level. Curl products or styles are not usually needed for this hair types since the curls are usually well defined. Keep your hair moisturized always.

4b hair:
If your curls are z shaped, your hair is no doubt 4b. This type of hair has defined curls like the 4a but is more fluffy and prone to breakage and dryness. Up to 70% of a 4b hair shrinks making it to appear shorter than it actually is. Unlike the 4a, 4b hair needs a lot of attention to prevent damage. More deep conditioning and low manipulation styles will benefit 4b hair.

4c hair:

hair type
img_ type _4c_hair

A 4c hair is almost a replica of the 4b hair but it usually appears way shorter because the curls grow out more tightly so they are not defined. To pop these curls, you would have to use curl products or do curl styles like twists and braids. 4c hair tends to shrink a bit more so you may want to do a lot of stretching styles. Low manipulation styles are best for this hair type to retain length because it is the most fragile

If you are having trouble determining your type of hair, then your hair probably has a mix of different types. Majority of your hair may be 4c but it is possible to have a few 3c strands or vice versa.
Regardless of your type of hair and the suggested treatments, knowing your hair and figuring out what works for it is best as there is no one standard of taking care of your hair. Different things work for different people. What works for one 4c person may not work for your own 4c hair. However, one constant thing for every type of hair is to always be kept moisturized.


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