what you should know about natural hair

If you’re carrying your natural hair or thinking of transitioning, here are a few things you should know about natural hair:

It is tough:

First thing you should know about your natural hair is that it is tough to maintain, after all, nothing good come easy. It will take you a lot of hard work patience and definitely consistency to maintain a healthy natural hair. Do don forget the several researches and tests you will have to do to learn your hair and figure out what works for it and what does not. If you used to just “wash and go”, that has to end. Your natural hair needs more than wash and go to flourish. Even after you dedicate all your time and resources to it, it is not magic, it will take time for you to start to reap the benefits of all your hard work. While doing your research, be sure to dig up only from people who have similar hair types as you to reduce risk of failure upon trial.


Most naturals have deal with over 70% of shrinkage, your hair will shrink it is totally normal for naturals. You may have more hair than it may actually look like but you can always stretch your hair by doing twists or braids or even using threads. There are so many easy ways to stretch your hair, no one really has to see your shrinkage if you don want them to.

Hands off your hair:

If you dream of healthy hair, don’t touch it. Keep your hands off it as much as you can, do not comb it too often. Tell the admirers to stay off but be polite about it, you do not want your hair to get you enemies. Try not to style too often so you do not cause your hair to be weak and break.

Do not be intimidated:

Apart from being intimidated by other people’s curls, length or volume, do not let their styling techniques intimidate you. There are over a thousand ways to style your hair and with continuous practise, you will get a hang of the styles and even begin to create your own.


This is top on your list of dos for your hair, you most hydrate both internally (drink lots of water) and externally (on your hair) to maintain a healthy natural hair. Apart from being healthy, there is no way to keep your curls alive if you are letting your hair dry out. The curls need moisture to form and hold.

That you are on your natural hair does not mean you will always look your best. As a natural, sometimes you will have bad hair day too but guess what? You do not necessarily need a stylist to fix your bad hair day you can always fix it yourself.

Apart from what you use on your hair, you need to also be conscious and eat right because a great diet plus great regimen equals a great hair.


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