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Have you ever wondered why the Japanese look way younger than their age and how they live for a very long time, the secret is about to be revealed and you will thank me after reading this post on what they do in achieving such youthful look. Their women have this flawless skin and the glow from their skin is just everything. The secret is Rice! Rice! Rice!

I know you are surprise that rice is the secret of their flawless complexion and they did hid this secret for a very long time not until recently that people got to know about it and the funny thing is that all ingredients you will need for this is already available in your kitchen, it all natural and very cheap. You don’t even need to break your purse let alone the bank to do this (lol), it doesn’t have any negative effect on your skin and the main ingredient which is rice is everywhere.

Before I let you guys in on the secret, let highlight some properties of rice;
• Rice is rich in linoleic acid and squalene and these are potent antioxidants that promotes the production of collagen
• Collagen is used by the skin to delay the appearance of wrinkles in our body
• Rice is rich in vitamin E
• It is rich in Gamma Oryzanol which protects the heart and lower cholesterol level in the body

Ingredients you need:
• Rice
• Milk
• Honey
• Cook the rice for 2 minutes till it soft but not too soft though
• Filter the water and keep the water aside, do not throw water away because you would use it
• Add milk to the rice and mix very well
• Then add honey and mix all 3 ingredients together until it homogenous

• Wash face properly and dry with a clean cloth or towel
• Apply the mask on your face and leave to dry on the face
• Then rinse off the mask with the rice water you kept aside
Mask should be applied once in a week for best result and it is important we wash off the mask with the rice water because the rice water has some antioxidant properties, it promotes blood circulation and moisturizes the skin plus it helps in fighting wrinkles and reduces inflammation.

The Japanese used and are still using this mask; it is working for them they look younger than their age so why not try the mask and don’t be in doubt if it would work or not. After all, you got nothing to lose if you try the mask but I advise you try it and you would be glad you did.

Consistency is key when it comes to natural ways of treating the skin, fighting acne and having a clear skin. When trying all these organic masks, make sure you repeat weekly and be patient, don’t expect to apply a mask today and get a clear face it takes time but the results are great with organic skincare and you get to save a lot of money and still be healthy with no skin problems.


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