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Facials are beauty routines females indulge in at regular intervals, it could be a month or a few weeks. Most women go to beauty salons for their facials. However, numerous beauty parlours have different kinds of facials that leaves one confused.
There are the basic ones to diamond, gold, oxygen and fruit. The range increases and each one promises better result than the last. We agree that it’s good thing to get a facial once in a while, but what about the means and ingredients?
Did you know that you can, infact, get a facial at home instead? With a fruit facial, your skin is guaranteed to look like a magician went to work on it.
Fruits contains lots of wonderful nutrients and antioxidants that will do wonders on your skin. Eating them is important, but giving yourself a fruit facial will also be quite an adventure. It will improve the health and appearance of your skin.
The best part is that you’ll be able to do this right at the home, without having to visit the beauty parlour.
Here’s a guide to help you give yourself the facial you deserve :
Step 1 : Thoroughly cleanse your face
Of course we know you can easily wash your face with a mild soap and water. However, we suggest you use cold raw milk to do this. Raw milk is an amazing cleanser and it gets rid of pores from the skin and leaves the skin clean and shiny.
To use it, mix the raw milk, a bit of salt and some lime juice. After preparing the mixture, dip a cotton ball in it and use it to rub your face, moving upward in a circular motion. After doing this, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Exfoliate your face
Exfoliation involves getting rid of the dead skin cells on your face that may have clogged your pores and affected your complexion making it dull-looking. To exfoliate, mix a tablespoon of dried lemon peel powder and one tablespoon of oatmeal
You can add some rosewater or simply plain water to it and be sure to get a thick paste
As an alternative, you could use a mixer to get the lemon peel powder, oatmeal and rosewater to form a paste. After preparing it, apply the mixture on your face and your neck in a circular motion. Do this for five minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Pat dry the face afterwards.

After the paste is ready, apply it all over your face using your fingers in a circular motion. Use the paste on your neck area also. Exfoliate for 2-5 minutes using the scrub and then wash off with lukewarm water. Pat dry the face.
There are a few ideas for a scrub :
• Baking soda with water
• Yoghurt and oatmeal
• Oatmeal and milk

Step 3: Lighten your skin tone
After exfoliating your skin, the next step is to lighten your skin tone a bit. To do this, we suggest you use organic honey. One spoonful of pure, organic honey applied on your face has a bleaching effect on your skin and makes it a lot lighter. Leave the honey on your face for about fifteen minutes before washing off with plain water.

Step 4 : Unclogging the pores
Unclogging pores is an important step as it is in the pores that dirt settles in, causing it to enlarge. To do this, you’ll need steam. You could employ a facial steamer for this purpose. You could also boil water and pour into a vessel. Then get your face close so that you can feel the steam and cover exposed parts with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping quiet . If you have blackheads, Unclogging your pores will help you get rid of them.

Step 5: Go For A Face Massage
Next, you want to give your face a gentle massage. To do this, you’ll need a fruit pack. Prepare one by mashing some strawberries, bananas and strawberries into a pulp. Blend in a little honey and milk and keep mixing till you get a smooth pulp.
Then, massage your face slowly with the creamy paste for five minutes before washing off with cold water.

Step 6: Get The Fruit Facial
It’s important to keep the needs of your skin in mind while preparing your own homemade facial. The choice we’re given here is a general one, but you can find one that suits your skin needs and go for that instead.
• Take a seasoned tomato or a ripe banana. Mash it thoroughly and add a couple of drops of lemon juice.
• Vkend6well and refrigerate the mixture for half an hour.
• Afterwards, pour in a few drops of honey and then apply the smooth paste all over your face , including your neck.
• Leave it for twenty minutes and rinse off completely with cold water.
Step 7: Moisturize The Skin
After a wonderful facial, moisturize and hydrate your skin with a cucumber pack. Simply blend a cucumber till it turns into a paste. Then apply it on your face and neck. It will help nourish your skin and keep it hydrated.
Step 8: Tone It Up
Next, you can use a homemade toner to tone the skin. To prepare it mix Juices from lemon and cucumber. Wipe your face using a cotton ball soaked in the toner and watch your face light up!

Below are a few tips to take note of :

• Choose the right facial cleanser based on your skin type. The wrong choice of cleanser can make a dry skin even drier or increase the oiliness of an oily skin largely.
• No matter how oily your skin is, moisturizing and toning right after the facial is a must.

• While exfoliating your skin, be as gentle as possible. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your skin.

• Make sure that you do not go for a facial more than once a week
• It is always good to use only fingertips for massaging the delicate skin of the face.
• Pick fruits depending on the nature of your skin. Dry-skinned beauties should stay away from lemon, tomato, etc. At all cost.
• Never ever skip the step that involves the unclogging of the pores. If your pores remain clogged, the facial will not work.


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