Vaseline is one of the most popular products of petroleum jelly. It is a very common cosmetic material that can be found in most homes. From time immemorial, probably since invention, Vaseline has been used for different functions in the home, such as, moisturizer for the body, and soften lips. It has also been used to soften dry edges like elbow, knees and ankles, body exfoliation, and rejuvenating accessories. A lot of people do not know it but Vaseline is also good for breast enlargement like we will see, even though some people will like to argue against this fact. We will be looking at the possibility and how to achieve it.

Women are known to be extremely sensitive about their body parts. Of all the body parts women are most sensitive about their breasts as they believe that men are attracted to women with bigger bosoms. For this singular reason most women would do anything to make their bosoms bigger, especially when they are really small. In fact some women feel intimidated by the sizes of other women’s’ breasts.

Several women have employed several methods to grow the sizes of the breasts. Some of the major methods are breast implants, surgical procedures, oils, pills, and herbal mixtures. Most of these methods are quite expensive and most women do not see themselves spending a fortune to grow their breasts, even if they could afford it.


I know you are surprised at the idea of Vaseline increasing the size of breast but yes it’s actually a possibility. This method is highly advantageous as it does not require any special process to carry out, you can do it yourself from your bedroom. It also does not have any known side effects to the breasts or skin around it. Additionally, Vaseline is very cheap and can be found in almost every store around. The process needs complete concentration and lots of diligence to ensure outstanding success. At least thirty days is required for this exercise. Yes, 30 days without wavering or faulting.

So how does this work? I can bet that is the next question on your mind. Join me as I take you through this enlightening and exciting journey but first you need one more ingredient. The ingredient is toothpaste which is also cheap and easy to get as well. A mild toothpaste is advised.

Now that you have a hang of the ingredients to use, let’s get to the process so we can start to increase your breast size.

  1. After you take a bath, apply Vaseline to breast, not too much to become messy but enough to retain moisture. Massage breast thoroughly for five minutes, this includes the nipples.
  2. Next step rub some toothpaste on the nipples just enough to cover it.
  3. Add a little more Vaseline on both breasts and massage for another five minutes, this time leaving out the nipples.
  4. Next you wear a sports bra. This is necessary to keep the firmness of the breasts. Now the process is done.
  5. Be diligent enough to repeat this process on a daily basis for the next 30 days for best results.

In perfect world, it is advised to do it after a bath and before going to bed. Obviously this cannot work for everyone. So it is advised that you choose a routine that works for you and stick to it. The most important thing to take note is that you have to stay with your routine for at least thirty days and advisably more.

Now you might be wondering what the mechanism behind this method is. It is quite simple to understand. Ordinarily massaging your breasts constantly will help increase its size, now with Vaseline the massaging becomes more prominent and easy because of the moisture. Staying with it will definitely add some to flesh to your boobs.

Other Uses of Vaseline that you most likely have not considered.

  1. Eye lashes thickener. Applying some Vaseline to your lashes before going to bed thickens the lashes considerably by the following morning. You should definitely try this and be blown away by the magic.
  2. Softening of dry skin and elbow. Do you have terribly dry skin or your elbow is just hard it cracks sometimes? There is no cause for alarm, Vaseline is here for you, it will help keep the moisture in and leave your skin luscious for most of the day.
  3. Succulent lips. Dry lips can be frustrating especially in the dry season. It gets so bad some times that even some lip gloss products would not offer any help. At this point trust the evergreen potency of petroleum jelly to always work. Just rub a little Vaseline and you are assured of lusciously succulent lips all day. No more painful cracked up lips.
  4. Preventing hair dye from messing up the fore head and face. Before dying the hair apply some Vaseline around the edges of your hair, creating a boundary between your face and hair. This stops the dye from creating a mess around your face.
  5. Makes plucking of eye brows less painful. Just few minutes before plucking your eye brows, apply some Vaseline to them. The moisture will help reduce pain while plucking.
  6. For DIY exfoliation. Add some sea salt to Vaseline, mix and use to scrub parts of the body in need of exfoliation or whole body as the case may require. Allow it to settle for few minutes, wash off and feel the goodness of a smooth and sexy skin.
  7. Apply to teeth achieve a shiny smile and prevent lipstick stains. Now you can apply your lipstick in rush and not fear for colored teeth.
  8. Bring back the shine to your jewelries. Use some Vaseline to polish and clean your accessories, shoes and bag. With the snap of your fingers the shine is back.

Vaseline can be used for a variety of purposes and its potency cannot be overemphasized. Go to a store and get some Vaseline today.


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