How to increase boobs size naturally in 2 weeks – How to get bigger boobs.



The breast is an essential part of the female body aside from the fact that its stores breast milk which is use in feeding babies after child birth, it is also a very attractive part and one that is very noticeable in the female body and there is this struggle to have bigger and more firm boobs among women. Well if you are one of those ladies like me who desire to have bigger and firmer boobs and you don’t have money for surgery or scared of applying  breast enlargement lotions due to the risk of having cancer  then this post is for you and you should continue reading.

I did these few things listed below in achieving bigger, firmer and perky boobs:

  1. Consume Foods rich in Estrogen– Estrogen is the primary female hormone and are responsible in promoting the female sexual characteristics such as the breasts, buttocks, hips, pubic hairs etc. so what I did was that I started consuming food and fruits with higher amount of estrogen, foods and fruits like beans, soybeans ,pumpkin, carrots, cherries, Nut family like (walnuts, almond nuts, cashew nuts) dates, watermelon, yoghurt, apples, cucumbers, strawberry, garlic etc some of these food I hated but I was determined in achieving a bigger boobs so I had to take them like I hated beans but right now it one of my favorite  food and garlic wasn’t my friend at all but I had no choice so I included  garlic to my meals. There are other foods rich in estrogen like flaxseeds, alfalfa sprouts and clover but are not reachable in this part so I took most of the foods listed above.


  1. Eat lot of Protein– Protein is your friend if you want to achieve bigger boobs and also growth in general, I made sure I consume protein every day. Food like eggs, milk peanut butter, fish etc. so ladies, if u want a bigger boobs and even a big butt consume lot of proteins aside from the fact that they help in building these hormonal muscles they are super healthy.


  1. Eat Tiger Nuts– This one is really funny I was advised to consume tiger nut and since I was determined in achieving a big boobs I had to and tiger nuts are very healthy they contain fat, phosophours, potassium, vitamin E and C and they help in preventing heart attacks and in activating blood circulation plus they have this very delicious and milky taste.


  1. Exercise – After consuming and eating these foods, it is very important that one exercises because without exercises it just fat that would be stored in those muscles however, there are exercises that helps in making the boobs big and firm. For instance, you wanting a big breast and doing sit ups is a total waste of time except you doing the sit up for something else but if it just to achieve a big boobs exercises like pushups, wall pushups, chest contraction, palm pushing, bent arm openers, chair lifts should be considered. Below is an illustration of wall pushups:


  1. Massage your Breast– Massaging of the breast help in circulating the blood around the boob’s area. Some people use olive oil or Vaseline in massaging but I don’t, I use my hand in massaging because am scared of cancer. I don’t know what the company or whoever produced the oil use in doing it so I try not to use it but if you think you would achieve a bigger boobs immediately using them then I suggest you should know the contents used in producing it.


  1. Avoid Wearing Bra Often– If there is anybody that hates bra, it is me but unfortunately for me I am in a society that if you don’t wear bra out you are seen as a wayward person  so when  going out am on my bra and as soon as I am back at the house they are off (I love my freedom) and there is this girl I used to know while growing up she had really big boobs and they did not compliment her body at all and she was complaining bitterly, she wasn’t cool with it at all .Months later, I saw this same girl and her breast was looking  small compared to the way it was and she said she was always wearing bra even when she wants to sleep and it helped in reducing the size of her breasts, she said someone advised her to do so and I was really surprised.  So ladies, I can say for certain that bras reduce the breast size. It is more advisable to wear those sports bra like the one we wear when working out. This work out bras help in lifting the breast and at times when am at home and there is a need to wear bra I wear this.


  1. Herbs– Some herbs are good in improving the size of the breast. Fenugreek is a very good example of herbs that does this .it either u obtain the oil from the seed and apply to your breast in a circular manner or you dilute it in hot water and drink as tea.


  1. Be patient– While doing all these things listed above in achieving bigger boobs, darlings please be patient it takes time for it to be noticeable say 3 weeks to a month, I some cases 2 – 3 months. Don’t expect it the day you start the exercises or consume the foods.

I did these things in achieving a bigger, firmer and perky boobs and it really did help me so ladies, if you are not satisfy with your current breast size and you want it bigger then you should try these eight(8) steps and in no time you will get the perfect boobs you’ve always wanted.


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