Importance of morning Sun for your skin


Sunbathing brings a great feeling of relaxation. Who doesn’t love to simply stretch out on the beach or porch to get some warm rays from the sun.
However, beyond just getting a tan, did you know that sunbathing presents lots of other benefits that you may not have known?
And even though sunbathing in the middle of the day or in the evening gives its health perks, proof has shown that the light from the morning sun is the best sunlight to get.

How Does It Work?

When your bare skin is exposed to the sunlight without sunscreen, lots of wonderful stuff happen. The melanin pigment in the skin absorbs the Ultra violet rays from the sunlight. The liver then stores the rays and processes them into fresh hormone-like compounds which is later used for lots of important functions of the body.

So What are the Benefits of Morning Sunlight to the Body?

We’ve taken our time to do our research and have been able to come up with a few benefits of the morning sunlight that might interest you. They’re as follows :

Morning Sunlight Boosts Immunity

The morning sunlight helps improve the immune system of the body. It contains vitamin D which supports the effective functioning of the T cells.
This in turn helps enhance the body’s immunity and contributes to the fighting against invasion by foreign bodies like viruses or bacteria to keep the body protected.
Morning sunlight has also been found to help in the modulation of adaptive and innate immune responses.

Morning Sunlight Supports Healthy Bones

Did you know that the morning sunlight helps keep your bones strong and healthy. As a result of its high content of vitamin D, the absorption of calcium is stimulated, which in turn is great for the health of your bones. With the health of your bones intact, your risk of developing musculoskeletal diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis etc. are greatly reduced. A deficiency in vitamin D leads to rickets, a disease that would be prevented if a child is exposed to morning sunlight for more than fifteen minutes a day.

Morning Sunlight Prevents Aging of Eyes

Vitamin D3 is important when it comes to preventingmacular degeneration. When aging sets in, the eyes begin to get weaker. This condition is known as macular degeneration and the individual tends to lose vision with time. What sunlight does is that it helps delay the condition as a result of the presence of vitamin D.
It’s therefore important that people who are advanced in age spend about twenty minutes in the sunlight, especially when the sun comes up.
Let the morning sunlight fall on the eyelids and it will be just enough.

Morning Sunlight Helps Improve Metabolism of the Body

Studies have also found that morning sunlight helps to boost metabolism in the body. Thus, it helps maintain a healthy weight since metabolism is accelerated.
Further studies say that ultraviolet rays from the morning sun helps to suppress obesity. Infact, it’s been proved that an individual deficient in vitamin D is more likely to accumulate more fat than a normal person would.
It’s therefore important for vitamin D deficient individuals to take more morning sunlight everyday for at least fifteen minutes. This thus makes the skin release nitric oxide which in turn helps inhibit obesity. It also helps prevent the development of diabetes mellitus.

Morning Sunlight Improves the Quality of Sleep

A normal sleep and wake cycle can be helped with normal sunlight. It helps regulate the circadian rhythm which is responsible for inducing a good night’s sleep. The circadian rhythm is a twenty four hour cycle that helps facilitate the regulation of behavioural, biochemical and physiological processes responsible for controlling the sleep cycle.
Morning Sunlight Helps Treat Depression
This might sound quite unusual but morning sunlight has a huge positive effect on depression. If one suffers from depression and gets exposed to morning sunlight for about thirty minutes everyday, the serotonin levels are boosted and the individual feels much more excited and relaxed.

Morning Sunlight is Beneficial for People Suffering from Hypertension

The morning sunlight can help people suffering from hypertension. Usually, nitric oxide is produced when an individual is exposed to morning sunlight. This helps to lower blood pressure and helps prevent cardiovascular problems.

Aids Heart Health

People who have a higher risk of developing a heart disease and people who already suffer from a heart disease have loads to benefit from being exposed to morning sunlight. The warmth from the sun boosts circulation and increases the vitamin D levels which, as a consequence, improves the health of the heart.
A study carried out in 2012 showed that in winter, supplementing with vitamin D helped reduce blood pressure. When the body gets exposed to sunlight, it releases nitric oxide which helps keep the blood pressure lowered.
With high blood pressure comes lots of other health complications like stroke, heart attack, heart failure and a lot of other cardiovascular diseases.
Plus with the help of sunlight, cholesterol level is powered, along with the risk of developing a stroke.

Boosts Height

Surprise! Surprise! Sunlight boosts your height.
A study carried out in 2009 found that pregnant women around summer often tend to give birth to taller bones with stronger bones.
When the body is exposed to sunlight, it starts to produce vitamin D, which directly affects a child’s growth and development. Exposure to the sun also affects bone mass and increasing the bone’s width.
We recommend that you especially make sure to get as much vitamin D from the sun when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, for the sake of your baby’s overall development.

In conclusion, the benefits of the morning sunlight cannot be overemphasised. It would therefore be utterly healthy if you would get up early and spend about thirty minutes out in the sun, soaking in the health benefits that it brings to you in form of vitamin D.
Also, note that as the sun continues to rise, the heat increases and the benefits decrease. Therefore, it’s important you monitor the time at which you’re being exposed to sunlight so that you can get the best advantages.


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