Ice cubes for your skin


Ice treatment is the simplest yet most underrated beauty hack. It is like a highly ignored skincare superhero. Not only is it simple, it is easy and cost effective. By cost effective, I mean, totally free. All you need do is put water inside your freezer and make it into cubes and, Voila! You are good to go. The effectiveness of ice cubes on your skin can never be overstated. An ice cube soothes pimples, sunburns and inflammation. It also smoothens skin, sculpt cheekbones, acts like a pore primer, improves circulation. They also do blemish control. It is considered one of the most popular and cheapest skin care remedy there is.
Ole Henrikson, a reputable celebrity facialist has incorporated ice cubes into his treatment

He said ‘they dramatically improve circulation in the skin for that healthy glow we all want’

You should try doing this every day before going to bed: wash your face and dry it, fill a plastic bag with ice, subtly massage your face with it for 3 minutes
There will be noticeable changes in a couple of days.

Face will smoothen, and you will find yourself falling in love with your skin again.

Fun facts

• You can also make green tea, cucumber and milk ice cubes

• Cucumber ice cube and Milk ice cube can be used for exfoliating the skin

• Green tea ice cube can relieve you of puffy eyes

• Ice cubes can naturally sculpt cheekbones

• Ice cube can be used as natural face primer; using it before makeup naturally smoothens your face, hence giving you the flawless makeup. They also help your make up last longer on your face without smudging.

• Ice cubes can smoothen your complexion by combating fat cells

• They can also be used to burn belly fats

Things you should know about Ice cold therapies

• Your cold therapies must be carried out on a clean face.

• Never use ice directly on your face. Find a covering; maybe like a soft cloth or a plastic bag when you massage your face.

• Make sure to wear gloves before holding the ice cubes. This protects your hands especially if you aim to give yourself a long lasting relaxing facial treatment

• To avoid skin burns; never apply ice packs to your body for more than one hour

• You can also double the benefits by making ice cubes with green tea, milk, cucumber, horsetail tea and garlic

Skin icing has become a very popular rituals for an ever glowing skin. This is why you should see some of the amazing benefits of ice cube on your face

Improves circulation

Ice cube fixes your dull skin. It increases it by constricting blood vessels so that less blood goes to the surface of your skin.

The body in turn reacts by gradually sending an increased flow of warm blood to the area. This circulation also help brighten your complexion naturally.

How to use;

• Wash your face with warm water and dry it with a very clean towel

• Wrap in a paper towel or plastic bag.

• Glide the bag or towel through your skin till tube melts completely; it tightens your pores

Exfoliates the face

For exfoliating the face, your most suitable option will be a milk ice cube. This is because, the lactic component contained in milk helps scrub away dead cells on your face, and also freshens up the face. Milk ice cube also sculpts your cheekbones.

How to use:

• Make ice cube using milk

• Wash face with cold or warm water and dry with a clean towel

• Wrap ice cube in either plastic bag or paper towel

• Gently massage your face with this ice cube till it melts

• Wash your face with warm water as soon as you are done

Reduces acne and inflammation

Ice cube is more or less, a concentrated cold water which closes the pores on your face. Your face naturally secretes natural oil, these oils released aid its cleanliness. However, if dirt gets accumulated in the pores, it causes pimple or acne. Rubbing an ice cube on your face constricts these pores. Thereby, calming and soothing the acne on your face.

Ice therapy is one of the best ways of calming redness and swelling; especially cystic acne. It also relieves pain and, bring down inflammation especially from allergies.

How to use:

• Wash your face and dry with a clean towel

• Wrap ice in a clean paper towel or place in a plastic bag
• Place on top of the acne for one minute, take 5 minutes break and start over. Notice your enlarged and open pores shrinking within.

Ice therapy is not only exceptionally rejuvenating, it is also very cost effective. However, you need to also have it in mind that, for this therapy to work on your skin, you have to be really consistent. Otherwise, it will not have any impact on your skin.


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