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Most women all around the world at some point in time or another experience a phenomenon known as low libido. In fact statistics show that almost of half of the women on the North American continent have been affected with this condition at least once in their lifetime. Viewing these statistics makes it easy to understand why there is a very high demand for Viagra and other sex stimulating pills. One of the most searched about topics online is how to improve the sexual life, this cuts across gender, so you do not have to feel you are alone in this quest.

What exactly causes this low sex drive?

There are several reasons that could be responsible for low libido but we have tried to list the most rampart based on studies conducted by several researchers:

Hormonal imbalance
Side effects of prescribed medications
Relationship issues

In the end, there is really no description for a normal sex life, it is a relative and personal issue. If you think you are having enough sex or not, or whether you feel the urge to have sex has dropped or not. But if you feel you need to do something about your libido then this might just be the article for you.

Are there any specific reasons for changes in a woman’s sex drive?

Women can testify that at some points there is a drop in their appetite for sex, it is absolutely normal and natural for you to have fluctuations like this, so you are not a peculiar case. There are several variables that are causative of these observed fluctuations, some of them include:

Psychological health

What can a woman do to increase her libido?

This is one question most women want answered. Yes they have a fluctuation in their libido, as a matter of fact it is at its lowest point right now, is there anything that can be done to fix this issue? The answer is yes. You already know about Viagra and sex stimulating pills so I would not suggest any of that. Rather I want to suggest to you a natural remedy for this situation, like I always say, natural is better.

How to make the natural Viagra

Researchers have labelled water melon as a natural Viagra, it is said that it has abilities to boost libido in men who have erectile dysfunction and low libido. The amino acid present in water melon helps to improve blood flow to the sexual organs which works well to ensure they are well stimulated.


One pomegranate
One lemon
One-quarter of a water melon


Simply blend all the ingredients in a blender thoroughly to have a uniform mixture and store it in the fridge.

How to consume:

Take one-thirds of a glass cup on an empty stomach just before breakfast and do likewise before dinner.

In conclusion, this mixture can be used by anyone and it has no side effects so no need to worry.


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