One of the most difficult and sensitive topics to discuss among women is vag tightening, mostly they feel it could be somewhat humiliating. Regardless of this fact, this issue is one faced by several thousands of women all over the world. It is one of those issues which could bring a woman’s self-confidence to below zero level and put them in a state of insecurity.


Studies have shown that how sexy a woman feels affects how confident she will be and this has ripple effects on how much she will enjoy she will enjoy her relationship. One way to keep feeling sexy is ensuring that things are tight especially in the vag region. If you are reading this article my guess is that you are looking for way to tighten things up or a way to help someone close out.

What causes the vag to get loose?

The general opinion is that too much sexual activity will lead to a loose vagina, especially if the woman’s partner is huge down there, well this is really not true, it is not even scientifically proven. There are several reasons why the vag could get loose some of them include:

  • Aging of the body
  • Childbirth
  • Menopause

Majorly the vag, just like every other part of the body, has muscles which contract and relax. This continual process causes the muscles to wear and thus lose natural elasticity.

Steps to take in tightening the vag naturally

  1. Using a natural diet. Nutritional treatment is definitely one of the most effective measures that can be used in tightening the vagina. Consumption of foods high in estrogen content will help strengthen the pelvic floor. Several people have claimed that the use of vinegar helps in tightening the vagina however this is not proven scientifically and it is definitely a mistaken notion.
  2. Daily kegel exercises. It is proven that these exercises have helped several women to regain their tightness. For so many women they find the idea of exercises difficult but considering the benefits, they are definitely worth it, after all they take only 10 to 15 minutes daily.
  3. Performing squats. The effects of this is felt almost immediately, testimonies have it that several women begin to regain lost tightness almost instantaneously. Women believe that squats only help in toning the muscles in the buttocks, however they work on the vaginal muscles by making them firmer.
  4. Pelvic stretches. This exercise works directly to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles thus making them taut and preventing looseness. Following the steps in performing the exercise to the letter ensures that the results are felt in less than no time.
  5. Yoga. Several women have taken on themselves the habit of performing yoga daily, even though this is basically for toning their bodies. What they do not realize is that just daily yoga is enough to tighten the muscles of the vagina.

Ladies, If you suffer from Vag looseness, here is a remedy for you and your husband will never leave you 1 second after doing this.

It is a simple exercise that is carried out in the vagina will you at work, on the bed, walking or doing whatever thing you like.

There is no particular posture for this exercise and can be done anywhere. This exercise is simply known as Kegel exercise.

Watch Video below to learn how to do this exercise

I hope this article provides you with the information you seek with respect to tightening a loose vag naturally. Good luck.


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