How Yoga Will Help Your Body

Yoga has promising benefits for your body
What Is Yoga?

Yoga  is an activity for the body and the mind that dates back to the Indian history. The styles in yoga usually combine meditation, postures, techniques, breathing and relaxation. This physical exercise is especially advantageous to the physical well-being and you should take advantage of them. Some parts of the yoga activities are particularly behooveful to the women folk. While it generally improves daily feelings, it also has the potential to relief hormonal stress, health problems. It also improves mental health and eases the stress women go through fitting into several roles at working and at home.
Some of these advantages will be shared with the intention that you see a reason to get interested in Yoga and get yourself a yoga mat.

i. Improves Flexibility

This is probably the most obvious advantage of Yoga. At the beginning, there are positions that will prove difficult for you. With time, however, you will observe that your body gradually begins to loosen up until even postures you thought were impossible become possible. The aches that will also initially be present will disappear overtime. When the muscles become flexible, it is easier to take on a good posture.

ii. Improves Posture

Poor posture can place unnecessary stress on the body and in the long run begin to cause problems. The body tries to make up for a bad posture by adjusting its part to keep balance. For example, the curves in the lower back and neck might become a flattened to accommodate the slump caused by bad posture. This, however, could result in health problems like arthritis of the spine. Yoga helps ease the tightening of the muscles and releases the stress that the body has to go through to balance off the bad posture. With an improved posture comes a more confident and healthy look. You also tend to look thinner with a better posture.


iii. Inspires a Healthier Lifestyle

As a result of yoga having to do with both the body and the mind, it has an effect that makes you want to be healthier. You will eventually become a lot more conscious about your diet and do something about it, if it isn’t healthy. As your mind and body gets in sync, you will want to keep it that way and improve it in your habits, thus you’ll begin to pay more attention to what is and what isn’t healthy for you. This in turn will cause you to take weight gain and loss more seriously.

iv. Improves Your Blood Flow

The exercises that are practiced in yoga can improve blood circulation, especially in the feet and in the hands. It also helps increase the amount of oxygen the cells take, causing them to function better. Poses that twist the body help to wring blood out of the organs so that oxygenated blood can easily flow in for maximum productivity. Poses that invert the body helps the blood to flow out of the lower parts of the body e.g. the feet and back, to the heart and then the lungs where they get oxygenated and flow back to those parts. This is useful for swollen legs caused by whatever reason. Hemoglobin and erythrocyte (red blood cells) levels can also be boosted by yoga and blood thinning can also occur, causing the platelets to become less sticky and the clot-proteins levels to fall. This in turn prevents risks of strokes and heart problems.

v. Helps You Get Better Sleep

Since yoga helps you to unwind your nervous system, you tend to be more relaxed and relieved from the bustle of everyday living, you will get better sleep. This means that you will be less stressed, tired and more conscious. With yoga, your senses are alert but not tensed, this is how you are relaxed.

vi. Improves Your Self-esteem

When you suffer from low self-esteem, most of the time it is handled negatively with drugs, sleep or food. In the long run, your physical health might begin to suffer because of your poor emotional health. With Yoga, however, you begin to sense your own worth with the help of a yoga teacher. Because yoga causes you to be more indulged in the mind, you will see that you are not ordinary and that you are special.

vii. Improves Your Balance

Proprioception, in yoga, is feeling what your body does and where it’s found in space. With yoga, your balance and proprioception improves. People who have bad postures or bad movement often possess poor proprioception which is known to be a cause of joint problems. With better balance comes better posture and better proprioception. For the more advanced in age, this would mean independence and healthy aging.


viii. Weight Maintenance 

A comparative study was carried out to monitor yoga effects and weight management with walking in overweight adults. Both studies showed a significant reduction in BMI (Body Mass Index), in the waist and hips circumference and in the total cholesterol. In both groups, anthropometric variables were improved too. This indicates that yoga could also have a positive effect on the weight. Either by creating a consciousness off your diet or by promoting a bit of weight loss in the body. In a 2005 study carried out on over 15,000 people , it was discovered that the ones who practiced yoga often over a period of 4years did not gain as much weight as those who got involved with little or no yoga at all. This indicates how much yoga helps prevent unhealthy weight gain.

Yoga boosts physical and mental health

Yoga is safe if you are healthy and if you practise safely with an instructor. It is rare to be severely injured from yoga and if you get injured while practising, it shouldn’t stop you from doing so any longer. You should check with a physician if you have a health issue or are pregnant, that way, whatever changes that should be appropriated to your poses will be done. If you are just beginning, don’t go so fast with the extreme practices, especially the headstand.

Be sure to maximize every benefit of yoga that you can  for the sake of your physical and mental health. See you in yoga class!


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