There is hardly a home that does not have a jar of Vaseline or has not used Vaseline at some point in their existence. Vaseline has so many special qualities that it has even been nicknamed “wonder jelly.” It has been used by many for several purposes like simple remedies at home, beauty purposes, as well as other homes projects. The truth be said, the importance of Vaseline to a home cannot be overemphasized, regardless of this there are several misconceptions about what Vaseline can be and cannot be used for.

Well this article will provide you with some details about some of the awesome uses of this important product that seems so much underrated.

Vaseline helps to smoothen rough skin

Though Vaseline is really not a moisturizer, it has the ability to soften the skin and moisturize dry skin considerably. In adverse weather conditions, Vaseline is used to keep the skin moisturized preventing it from breaking. You just need to gently apply the Vaseline to parts of the body that seem to be rough and you can be sure that very soon, the skin will be smoother and softer.

Vaseline as a highlight for the eyes

Vaseline is a very important beauty product in this regard, asides its potency it is also quite affordable as well. It can be used with or without makeup, just make sure you do not let it get into the eyes. Some people apply the Vaseline just below the eye shadow or just under the eyes to create a shiny effect.

Vaseline as a lip scrub

Simply rub the Vaseline over the lips and you can easily exfoliate the skin on the lips. This will help get smoother and softer lips. You can put some on a toothbrush and gently brush over the lips to remove dead skin on the lips.

Vaseline soothes diaper rash

Applying Vaseline over the diaper rash will help lock moisture in and thus ensure there is no moisture. This way the irritation is soothed and the rash healed.

There are several other uses of Vaseline, it will always come in handy. I think by now you are looking for the nearest jar of Vaseline to keep in your home.


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